Host a healthy dinner party

Published 6 November, 2015

With a little careful planning, you can produce a meal that will wow your guests, without sending you off track

There’s nothing better than having friends for an evening in with good food and plenty of laughter. With our simple tips, you can prepare a feast that is so delicious, your guests won’t even know the menu is WW-friendly! Make sure you really are the hostess with the mostess, using our top tips.

Small canapés are more satisfying than low-fat snacks. Fill celery stalks with houmous or top miniature blinis with smoked salmon and a smudge of soured cream and dill.

Low-sugar red or white grape juice makes a great alcohol-free alternative to wine. Switch between the two and you’ll wake up with a clear head and a budget that isn’t blown.

Quality not quantity makes a good buffet, so prepare a few well-chosen dishes rather than lots of smaller options. This also makes it easier to work out how much you’ve eaten.

Eat early in the evening, so you don’t become ravenous and then overeat – or drink too much.

Puddings can create a minefield. One trick is to serve something you’re not that keen on, but friends will enjoy. Or opt for a low-sugar jelly studded with fruit, and perhaps add a dash of alcohol to add a bit of interest.

Avoid too many leftovers by checking recipe instructions carefully. It’s agony having a fridge full of goodies the next day.

Then, forget about the food, relax and have fun. The aim of your dinner party is to catch up with friends, so don’t spend all evening counting Points® .