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  • Customised and easy-to-follow healthy weight loss plan
  • 5 apps in one award-winning app: food, weight, activity, water, and sleep trackers
  • State-of-the-art barcode scanner for easy shopping
  • Equipment-free workouts with Aaptiv and FitOn
  • Curated mindfulness exercises with Headspace
  • 2,000+ healthy recipes for weight loss filtered by cuisine, prep time, dietary needs, and more
  • Coaching and community support
  • Over 50 years of proven success helping millions of people reach their healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals 


All backed up by nutritional and behavioural science to help you build healthy habits for life.
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Joining WW changed Stephen's life
"A scare with cancer and being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes triggered me into action and prompted me to join my local WW Workshop. WW does change your mindset, it lets me have the foods I want without feeling restrictive."



Why Maxine fell in love with WW
"Since rejoining WW, I have lost around 3 stone and two dress sizes. My mental outlook on food and exercise has changed since joining WW."



Why WW is Rodney's perfect fit
"I thought that losing weight and exercising would prevent Type 2 Diabetes, however I was soon made aware that what you eat is important and WW was there to help me through. Since joining WW I have found it easy to lose weight and even easier keeping it off."
A recommended safe rate of weight loss is between 1-2lb per week.  Results may vary from person to person. 

How it works

Reach your goals with our app & Workshops

Our award-winning app and expert-led Workshops help you build long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Tailor weight loss to your life

Everyone’s different. Our personal assessment focuses on your unique needs and provides the best options that match your lifestyle.

Eat smarter with a daily SmartPoints® Budget

Our science-based SmartPoints system is personalised for your age, height, weight, and sex to help you lose weight.

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WW app and inspirational social
community to help you
achieve your weight loss goals

Workshop + Digital

All the benefits of Digital, along with 
face-to-face weight loss support at a Workshop from
an expert WW Coach.

 *After your free trial, you'll automatically be subscribed at £13.95/month, unless you cancel.