Maria got her confidence back on myWW

Maria feels fit, fierce and fabulous after losing 9kg in six months*. 

Maria’s ‘why’

“I was sick of feeling self-conscious. I vividly remember being on this beautiful beach in Israel and not being able to enjoy it fully, because I was so focused on covering myself up. I felt out of shape and uncomfortable – and I vowed that my next beach holiday would be different. Now I feel fit, fierce and fabulous.”

Q & A with Maria

3 reasons WW works for Maria
It’s a lifestyle, not a diet

“WW is just healthy, sensible living. It’s not a diet, it’s become my lifestyle. It’s how I am, how I think and how I live.”

It’s effortless

“The incredible variety of ZeroPoint foods means I never have to think too hard about creating a healthy meal, which is a great time saver.”

The support system

“My WW Workshop helps keep me accountable, but the main reason I go is for the support. It’s basically a bunch of friends helping each other achieve their goals.”

Maria’s day on a plate

Thai basil chicken