Maria's Blue Food Plan Review | WW NZ

Maria got her confidence back on myWW

Maria feels fit, fierce and fabulous after losing 9kg in six months*. 

Maria’s ‘why’

“I was sick of feeling self-conscious. I vividly remember being on this beautiful beach in Israel and not being able to enjoy it fully, because I was so focused on covering myself up. I felt out of shape and uncomfortable – and I vowed that my next beach holiday would be different. Now I feel fit, fierce and fabulous.”

Q & A with Maria

What do you love about myWW?


It’s so simple to follow, I’m never left feeling hungry, and the weight loss sticks. In the past, any weight I managed to lose always returned, but with the myWW program, I can keep the weight off – first time ever that that’s happened! I also love that there are different ways to do myWW depending on your lifestyle, how you’re feeling and the foods you enjoy eating. It’s so flexible.


You’re on Blue – why is it your perfect fit?


Some of my favourite foods are ZeroPoint™ foods on Blue, things like chicken breast, turkey mince, fat-free Greek yoghurt and dates. There are also so many ZeroPoint foods to choose from, and using them as a base makes it really easy to create a healthy plate of food. I’ve also got a good amount of SmartPoints® to spend, which means I’ll go out occasionally and enjoy a big, juicy restaurant cheeseburger.


Has the way you cook changed on myWW?


I’ve become a bit of a batch cooker, choosing my favourite WW recipes for dinner, and planning ahead so that I’ve got enough ingredients on hand to cook multiple serves of each. That way I’ve always got lunch for the next day or two, sorted. I also love that you can find a WW recipe that’s a healthier version of an old classic. Our family favourite is the deep apple pie. Everyone always goes back for seconds when I cook it and at only 2 SmartPoints per slice, why not?


*Lost weight on prior program and myWW. Weight loss may vary.

How do you use the WW app?


The feature I love most about the WW app is looking up recipes – it’s my favourite thing to do at night. I also love that, if I’m stuck for ideas, I can simply type in the ingredients I have in the fridge and a delicious recipe will pop up. Or I’ll jump onto Connect to check out what other people are cooking, for inspiration, as well as to enjoy their amazing success stories.


What’s been your most memorable ‘wow’ moment on myWW?


I’ve got this belt that I couldn’t fasten before joining WW. I was seriously considering whittling a looser hole to make it fit but one day when I was close to my goal weight, I thought ‘hang on, let me just try this on again’, thinking maybe I’d get it onto the first or second hole. I got it onto the fourth one! That was pretty ‘wow’.

3 reasons WW works for Maria

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet

“WW is just healthy, sensible living. It’s not a diet, it’s become my lifestyle. It’s how I am, how I think and how I live.”

It’s effortless

“The incredible variety of ZeroPoint foods means I never have to think too hard about creating a healthy meal, which is a great time saver.”

The support system

“My WW Workshop helps keep me accountable, but the main reason I go is for the support. It’s basically a bunch of friends helping each other achieve their goals.”

Maria’s day on a plate


Two eggs either hard boiled or pan fried, with a piece of ham on top of each egg, on a slice of toasted wholemeal bread, an English muffin or a sandwich thin.



Is usually leftovers from last night’s dinner. My favourite WW recipes for lunch are prawn and pineapple soft tacos; three ingredient bagels; and spring vegetable pasta with lemon and chive sauce.



The dinners I love to prepare often are cajun fish with black beans and cauliflower ‘rice’; lemon pepper salmon with pumpkin and chickpea puree; Pad Krapow (Thai basil chicken); and lemon chicken with broccoli.



My go-to is always fat-free plain Chobani Greek yoghurt. I top it with either sugar-free maple syrup, cinnamon and chopped dates, or sugar-free chocolate drink powder. I also carry single serves of almonds or pretzels, and always have apples, mandarins or gold kiwifruit to snack on.

Thai basil chicken

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