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How Thomas lost more than 50kg without giving up pizza

Losing more than a third of his body weight in 12 months, Thomas discovered some inspiring things along the way.
Published 2 August 2021

Thomas' weight loss story

After losing more than a third of his body weight, a whole lot of things have changed for 30-year-old Thomas, but he says one of the biggest shifts is his relationship with food. “That’s changed dramatically,” he says. “Now I view food as nutrition and see meals as a chance to heal and do something good for my body. I genuinely look forward to a healthy plate of food.”

Thomas's why

“I joined WW on the first of January because I was so sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable and lethargic all the time."

Pizza is still on the menu

“Here’s a fun fact: I’ve eaten pizza about once a week throughout my entire weight-loss journey, and still do. That’s what I love about WW. You don’t have to give up any of the foods you love and enjoy eating.”

Nothing’s off limits at WW

“I’d tried so many diets in the past and while I’d lose a bit of weight, I could never keep it off. The diets were so restrictive, which meant they were impossible to stick to.”

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Life is more active and social

“As I started to lose weight, I started to find it easier to move around and I discovered I actually really enjoy being active. Before, I’d break into a sweat just sitting at my desk, but now I’m always looking for fun new physical challenges to try, things like kayaking and bike riding."

"I have so much more confidence. As someone who never wanted to go out and socialise, I’m amazed at how much I love meeting and talking to new people now. For all the weight I’ve lost, I’ve gained so many positive things in its place.”

myWW+ is more than weight loss

"The myWW+ app helps you not only lose weight and keep track of your food, but to be well as a whole. It has everything in one place, it just makes it really convenient and really easy for you to stay on track, to look after your sleep, to look after your movement and exercise, and it just helps you live a more healthy lifestyle."

"It isn't just one thing. It's not just a diet. It's not just a workout. It's your weight loss and wellness all in one app."