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Rebecca found her motivation to lose weight for good on WW

And it means she’s said goodbye to dieting forever, too.
Published 2 August 2021

Rebecca's weight loss journey

Rebecca’s journey with WW might have been kickstarted when she saw some candid photos of herself, but a lightbulb realisation a few months later meant losing weight went from being about ‘fixing’ how she looked for a photo to an investment in her and her family’s future. She says it’s why she knows that the 28kg she lost in 18 months is gone for good.

Rebecca's "Why"

“After the birth of my second child, I’d lost a little bit of weight on my own but while I felt great being able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I knew I still wasn’t healthy. Plus, I wanted to be an active mum, not a sit-on-the-sidelines mum. I needed to lose weight to be able to keep up with my children.”

Weight loss diets: you name it, I've tried it

“I’ve tried so many fad diets! From meal replacements and strict calorie-controlled diets to crazy nutrient elimination plans and home-delivered meals, I’ve done them all. None of them were sustainable, affordable or manageable with a family. WW is completely different because you learn how to cook and eat healthily, how to eat out and how to balance your choices to fit in all the foods you love.”

WW works because it's 'life friendly'

“WW works for me because I can make it fit in with my life. I don’t need to eat different meals to my family, I can enjoy eating out or a takeaway meal and I’ve never felt like I have to give anything up. Plus it’s something my whole family can do, which creates a ripple effect of good health for my children.”

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The moment I knew this was going to last forever

“In the past, I’d always had an external reason for wanting to lose weight – a birthday, my wedding, wanting to wear a certain dress size. But a few months after I joined WW I had a lightbulb moment. I realised that if I made life-long healthier choices, like the ones that WW teaches you, not only would I feel good for those milestone events, I’d feel good all the time. After that things just clicked. Now, instead of looking at losing weight as being about fitting into a certain dress size or as a way to ‘fix’ how I look in photos or at an event, I see this as a life-long commitment to my health and wellbeing and so I can be present every day for my loved ones. It was once I made that mental shift that I knew I could be successful long term.”

A fridge full of food

“I’m following WW’s Purple food plan because I love the huge list of go-to ZeroPoint foods. I know that simply by stocking my fridge with those foods, I’ll always have the best choices on hand every day. It’s just… easy.”

Exercise, but not as I knew it

“I love being active, but after having my knees and ankle reconstructed five times as a side effect of 15 years of playing competitive netball, I needed to work out how to be active in a way that works for me. WW helped me realise that there are so many ways to exercise that don't require being super fit or that don't put much strees on my joints, things like walking, swimming and yoga. Now, I make an appointment with myself to do something active every day. I put it in my diary and set an alert just like I would for any other appointment. This makes exercise a non-negotiable because it just becomes part of my day’s to-do list.”

There's so much to love about how I feel now

“Losing weight has made a huge difference to my life. I have so much more energy now and I’m no longer in pain with my knee and ankle joints every day. I can walk freely up and down stairs and I can ride a bike and keep up with my kids. I have so much more confidence in myself, too. I’m no longer the person on the sidelines or hiding at the back of a photo. I’m front and centre in my own life and I love it.”