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WeightWatchers® helped Francoise find more time for herself

And it's had a knock-on effect for her health, her weight loss and her family.
Published 13 December 2020

Francoise’s weight-loss journey

Francoise joined WeightWatchers to feel healthier and happier. Having tried to lose weight multiple times without success in the past, WW finally worked – she’s lost 20kg in 24 months and kept it off for 10 years. While the importance of taking time for herself might have ‘clicked’ soon after joining, Francoise says that WW's tools makes doing that easier than ever.

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Francoise’s ‘why’

"Struggling to fit into a size 16 pair of jeans and seeing a photo of myself at my biggest was my motivation to join WW to lose weight and get healthier."

WW changed my relationship with food

In order to have a healthy relationship with food I had allow myself to eat the food that I love to eat. The fact that no food is off limits on the WW program was what made me love it.  I learnt to eat when I am hungry and practice mindful eating.

My best tips for snacking 

Making healthy snacks available in my refrigerator, pantry or office drawer makes the choice easier. I make treats an exception and I make use of my scanner when it comes to food labels and snacks off the shelf.  I take healthy snacks with me to picnic, long car drives and the beach.

The WW app gives me back time

“As a busy working mum, I love the ‘What’s in your fridge?’ feature. Having this feature on the WW app means I can enter the ingredients I already have in my fridge and the app will suggest recipes – fewer trips to the supermarket means more time with my family. The other feature I love is the new meal planner. Early on into my WW journey I started using my weekends to prep my meals for the week ahead, so I have time to do other important things, like exercise, when life gets busy.”

I’m sleeping better than ever

“The sleep tracker in the app has been a revelation! I’ve always struggled with sleep, but after tracking my sleep and seeing how and what I needed to improve, with the help of the app I was able to make a few adjustments to my sleep pattern. And more sleep means I’m more focused the next day, and can make better decisions that influence and support my wellness journey.”

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WW taught me the key to weight loss

“And it’s that if I want to be successful, it’s never just about food. Sleep, moving more and being kind to myself are equally as important, for both my weight loss and my health and wellbeing. WW has not only helped me understand that, I’ve learned how to make it work day-to-day, too. The result is not only weight loss, but healthy habits for life. Finding a program that works has been like finding a new me.”

I've learned to love exercise

“Before joining WW, ‘me and exercise’ was an unheard of combination. Doing the smallest thing would leave me out of breath and I always had back and knee pain which made moving around difficult. But walking has become one of my favourite things to do. I get out for a walk at least five days a week. I sync my activity tracker to the WW app and let them work their magic together.”

Inspiring others feels incredible

“In 2019 I became a WW Coach. Helping other people achieve their goals and become healthier versions of themselves is incredible – and is something I’m grateful and happy to be able to do. My journey has also had a ripple effect on my family and friends, including my husband who joined WW recently and has lost 15kg. Knowing that I’ve played some part in that makes me really proud.”