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Anna lost 70kg – and says if she can, you can too

She turned her family’s health around at the same time, too. Here’s how she did it.
Published 7 February 2021 | Updated 14 September 2023

Anna's weight loss journey

After losing half her body weight over four years with WeightWatchers®, Anna is officially recognised as a WW phenomenon. She now has over 45,000 Instagram followers, a thriving Facebook page, and her own recipe website. Anna has even released two cookbooks, which feature a collection of her favourite recipes and highlight her amazing journey.

Anna's 'why'

“In 2012 I was watching my son Ethan running in a cross-country race at school. He was 12 years old at the time and weighed almost 80kg. He was struggling and finished 15 minutes after everyone else. That was my moment. I thought, ‘What have I done?’. My whole family had obesity. Four days later I walked into my first WW Workshop.”

Anna before and after