"I keep up with the kids now and it’s a great feeling.”

Renee lost close to 25kg in nine months. Now a WW coach, she’s embracing new challenges, loving her renewed energy.

Renee's weight loss story

Then & Now        

Name: Renee Judd
Weight loss: 24kg
Was: 93kg
Now: 69kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 36
How long it took: 9 months
How she did it: Group Coaching with Georgia Kartsidimas in Sunbury, Vic


"Who's ready to go again!?"

​Renee Judd glided down to the end of the run, pulled her skis to a halt, looked over at her husband and kids and said excitedly, “Who’s ready to go again!?” She was met with tired looks and head-shaking. Her family had been out on the slopes all day. “No, no, don’t give up – let’s keep going!” she implored. When they refused, she turned around and made her way to the lifts solo.

Back to her wedding weight

It had been four years since the family had been on their last ski holiday, and Renee was on a natural high – in fact, she was quietly celebrating a personal win. That morning, she’d gotten up at 5am and stepped on the scales. “I couldn’t believe it – I’d gotten down to my wedding weight,” she recalls. It was mid-2016 and she had been on the Weight Watchers Program since February. “I had a way to go before I was at Goal, but reaching that little personal goal just as we were about to go on holiday made the trip even better.”

Hit by chronic fatigue

Renee has been sporty all her life. She started playing netball from the age of eight and went skiing regularly with her family. By the time she was in high school, she was on the rowing team and playing state league netball. Then, at 16, she was hit with chronic fatigue and had to spend entire terms in bed. “I’ve had it on and off ever since,” she says. “It’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. I just have to monitor it and make sure I don’t overdo it."

Two kids and struggling with snacking

She got married, had kids, Lachlan, 10, and Alannah, 8, “got complacent” and the weight started piling on. Not one to slow down entirely, after her children were born Renee continued playing netball and took up tennis. “But snacking was my biggest problem,” she says. “Particularly after-dinner snacking. My husband, Jason, and I would put the kids to bed, have a cup of coffee… and a biscuit or 10. Or we’d open some lollies and eat the whole bag. It’s fair to say sweets are my weakness.”

"Snacking was my biggest problem. We'd put the kids to bed, have a cup of coffee… and a biscuit or 10."

Putting ski holidays on hold

Over the years, her weight got to her – in little ways, at first. “We’d normally go skiing almost every year; it’s something we’d save for and really work towards,” she says. But then fitting in the same size ski pants as her husband didn’t feel great, so Renee stopped pushing the ski holidays and all of a sudden four years went by. “I felt horrible. I couldn’t ski because I had no energy. ”

Renee Judd

Committing to weekly meetings

Renee joined Weight Watchers and approached weight loss the way she would a new sport. “I went to the meetings each week and stayed because I felt like it was the same as committing to a sport – you’re part of the team and you’ve said you’ll show up, so you show up.” She used app to record what she was eating, and went back over the details when reflecting on the previous week to see how she could ‘perform’ better, the same way she’d reassess a game. As for losing weight, she says, “It’s just like winning!”

“I went to the meetings each week and stayed because I felt like it was the same as committing to a sport."

Getting active as a family

As the number on the scales got smaller, Renee found her energy levels improving and she embraced the opportunity to get outdoors with her kids and keep up with them. “We take our bikes to the BMX track or cycle to the river half an hour from our house. In my opinion, Pokémon Go was last year’s best invention – the kids would walk 12km with me without realising it.” 

Now she keeps up with the kids

In the past year, the family has enjoyed all sorts of activities together, including rock climbing, tree surfing and surf skiing. “I wouldn’t have participated in any of that before,” Renee admits. “I would have just sent Jason, but I keep up with the kids now and it’s a great feeling.” 

Two new recipes each week

When it comes to food, Renee loves looking up recipes on her app while she waits for the kids at school pick-up time. “I try at least two new recipes a week, whereas before I would regularly make the time-poor excuse and grab takeaway. These days, we still have pizza but we make our own. It’s healthier and it tastes better.”

"These days, we still have pizza but we make our own. It’s healthier and it tastes better."

Renee's husband lost 10kg

Jason has also joined Weight Watchers and has lost 10kg to date. “He was basically doing the Program anyway, so it made sense and it’s great for us to have that shared understanding and support,” says Renee. “We work together and I pack his lunch and snacks for the day, then we all have a healthy dinner in the evenings.”  

Back on the ski slopes

The family are about to head off on their next ski trip. “I got out my gear recently and saw everything’s too big for me, so I bought a new jacket, which felt really good.” One item did fit her, though – an old pair of ski pants she’s been holding on to, which now fit for the first time in 12 years.