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A weekly habit made a huge difference to Lyndal’s weight loss

And it wasn’t paying close attention to the number on the scales
Published 2 August 2021

Lyndal's weight loss journey

When Lyndal joined WeightWatchers® in November 2019, she had no way of knowing the challenges that 2020 would deliver. Choosing to use all the changes the months that followed delivered to her advantage, she achieved her goal weight in November 2020, losing 40kg in the process. And she knows she’s lost it for good because in her words, “WW isn’t a diet, it’s just living”.

Lyndal’s “why”

“Initially my ‘why’ was simply ‘to lose weight’ after I went shopping for a costume for my sister’s fancy dress birthday party and realised how large I’d really become. But part way through my WW journey, my ‘why’ became so much more. It changed into wanting to lead a healthy life, make better choices and put steps in place to stop using food to try and make myself feel better when I was sad or upset. Suddenly I wasn’t doing this for a wedding or to be a size 12 – I was doing it to set myself up with a healthy life for the future.”

There was one thing I did each week

“When I joined WW, I felt ready both mentally and physically to put everything into it. So from the very beginning it was a matter of ‘when’ I achieved my goal weight, not ‘if’ I got there. But I also started this journey with a really present mindset. So when I was losing weight, I never thought about the number on the scales week to week – instead, I made the effort to focus on what I’d learned each week. This really helped me stay motivated and not get too hung up on the number on the scales. The flow on effect? The weight came off.”

I’ve lost weight – and kept it off – while still enjoying my life

“This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say – and do – that. In fact, I think I’m even enjoying my life more than ever before, which is a big call. I’m not restricting my body of anything, which fits and feels great mentally. When you know you ‘can’t’ have something you only want it more, and that’s why WW has worked for me. Nothing is off limits.”

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Not even a pandemic was going to stop me

“I love change, so the thought of going online for my WW Workshops due to the pandemic was exciting – it was something new. Still, not knowing how long we’d be in that situation meant it could have gone either way for me so I decided to tap into my ‘sphere of influence’. I couldn’t change the fact that the world went into lockdown but I was still on a journey to become healthier and I could keep doing that. Nothing was going to stop me and I wanted to prove that even through the unprecedented times, I could still do anything I put my mind to. I used all the extra time I had to research recipes and think up new ways to stay motivated while at home. It worked.”

WW is living

“WW is just my way of life now. I’ve made things like tracking, meal planning and meal prep a part of my daily and weekly routine, so it’s not hard work at all. In fact it’s something I get a lot of pleasure out of. Plus, because I love tracking, I’m on the Green food plan. With fewer ZeroPoint foods, tracking more means I learn more about the program every day and it has put portion control into perspective, too. It’s also given me what I call ‘food freedom’ as it’s shown me that genuinely yummy food can be so good for me and my health.”

Life is different now

“Where do I start when it comes to describing how different life is for me now? I have a zest for life like I’ve never had before and my family is so proud of what I’ve done for my health. I’ve reinvigorated my love of cooking and now I genuinely look forward to planning and cooking healthy meals. And I have so much more energy now, which means I no longer start things around the house without finishing them, something I used to do a lot. I’m living my true, authentic life – and I can’t deny that I love the fact that I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothing, too!”