Family friendly recipes

Enjoy family meal time with these kid approved main meals and fruity desserts.
Published 21 January 2018

Recipes to feed the family


If you want to prepare meals your family will enjoy, and you also want to stick to your healthy eating plan, we've got good news: You can have it both ways, and we have the recipes and tips to prove it.


Eating a balanced diet is key

Family meals should contain a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates (wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and beans), lean protein and healthy fats (unsaturated oils, nuts and fish). We all strive for balanced meals but often struggle with pulling them together for the family night after night. By sticking with recipes built around familiar, easy-to-find ingredients such as lean mince beef, pork tenderloin, chicken breast and favourite dishes including lasagne, pasta and hearty soups and salads, you're sure to have a healthy repertoire of ideas.


Cooking for the family

Here are some of our favourite family staples, including a few that sneak vegetables into the mix in case anyone in your house doesn't like to eat them! Enjoying dinner is a great way to spend time together. With our all-time family favourites including fish fingers and chips, meat pies and chicken schnitzel, there is something for even the fussiest of eaters.