Dairy-free breakfast recipes

Enjoy our favourite dairy-free breakfast recipes that taste delicious and are super easy to make.
Published 21 January 2018

Dairy-free & lactose-free breakfasts


Cow's milk may be essential breakfast ingredients in many households every day but for people who need to eat lactose-free or dairy-free, it is off the regular menu. People often need to eat dairy or lactose-free if they are lactose intolerance or have dairy allergies. But don't fret if this is you, you can still a healthy and nutritious brekkie without consuming cow's milk in the morning.


Dairy-free milk options

  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Rice milk
  • Oat milk

People who are lactose-free along with the list of dairy-free milk above can consume lactose-free milk. Lactose-free milk is regular cow's milk that has had the enzyme lactase added to help break down the lactose sugars within the milk, that way the body does not need to break it down.


Dairy and lactose-free breakfast recipes

Pancakes is one of those items that usually contains dairy meaning they are off the menu for people who need to eat lactose-free or dairy-free due to allergies and intolerances. They don't have to be completely off the menu though as you can simply substitute cow's milk for one of the dairy-free milk options above or why not try our 3-ingredient banana pancakes? Wondering what to do with your overripe banana? Whip up these super easy and super tasty 3-ingredient pancakes. All you need to add is an egg and some flour.

Or why not try our breakfast bars as a delicious on-the-go brekkie filled with pumpkin seeds, dried fruit and spices. You can make them in advance and store for 4 days.

Prefer a savoury brekkie? Try our Asian mushroom omelette with snow pea sprouts, sweet soy and fresh coriander.