Healthy Eating Plan For Weight Loss | WW NZ

How the WW food plan works for weight loss

With the myWW+ program, you'll learn how to build healthy eating habits while enjoying the foods you love.

Flexibility to eat the foods you love

Everything is still on the menu! Our proven WW program gives you the freedom to choose what you eat and drink. You'll discover a balanced way of eating whether your goal is to lose weight or build healthy habits. Here's what a day on WW could look like!

The power of SmartPoints

Science-backed and simple to use, our SmartPoints® system guides you towards a healthier pattern of eating. We give every food and drink a number based on its nutrition value and you'll get a personalised SmartPoints Budget to spend how you choose. To help plan for weekend celebrations, we'll teach you how to roll over your SmartPoints to enjoy them when you need them most.

Recipe for vegetarian egg, lentil and sweet potato tagine with couscous

Freedom of ZeroPoint foods

Enjoy the freedom of less tracking with ZeroPoint™ foods. These foods form the foundation of a healthy pattern of eating and create endless meal options.

All inclusive program for everyone

Our program is suitable for all dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. If you're a breastfeeding mum, we'll give you a specialised Budget that allows for your additional nutrition needs. As a member you can personalise WW recipes to make them suit your own tastes or build your own recipes into our recipe builder.

Recipe for chicken and hoisin vegie stir-fry

WW app and digital tools

Keep track of your progress, find recipe inspiration and get tips in our member community.

Tracking works

Tracking helps you understand what you're eating (and how much) so you can stick to the program.

Delicious WW recipes

Enjoy over 5,000 healthy recipes for all dietary preferences.

Tap into our enhanced app

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  • Eat well: NEW! meal planning tools, food tracker, 5,500+ recipes, barcode scanner, and restaurant finder
  • Move more: NEW! activity dashboard and guided workouts from FitOn and Aaptiv
  • Strengthen your mind: NEW! 5-minute Coaching audio, 24/7 chat with a Coach, Connect social network, and Headspace meditations
  • Sleep better: NEW! bedtime reminders, plus sleep tracking and other techniques to help you de-stress

The app also includes a personalised action plan and weekly progress report so you see your success, every step of the way.

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