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Photo of Cajun steak with bean salad by WW

Cajun steak with bean salad


Meal Items

Beef sirloin steak, raw

120 g, (buy 150g)

Cajun seasoning

2 tsp

Canned red kidney beans, rinsed, drained

120 g

Lebanese cucumber

½ medium, sliced

Red onion

¼ small, diced

Red capsicum

½ cup(s), diced

lime juice

1 tbs

Baby spinach

¼ cup(s)


Season 150g trimmed of fat beef sirloin steak with 2 tsp Cajun seasoning. Grill and serve with a salad made of 120g drained and rinsed red kidney beans, ½ sliced Lebanese cucumber, 1/4 cup baby spinach leaves, ¼ diced small red onion, ½ dice small red capsicum drizzled with lime juice.