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Cranberry-maple slow cooker oatmeal

Points® value
Total Time
14 min
8 min
6 min
Simply stir the ingredients together before bedtime and wake up to a comforting bowl of creamy, filling oats. For variation, you can mix things up and try raisins or dried cherries in the place of the cranberries. Walnuts or pecans could be swapped for the almonds too. Be sure to use steel-cut oats for this recipe as regular oatmeal will not hold up to this length of cooking. If you like your oatmeal very creamy, you can cook it up to 8 hours. Leftovers hold up well in the refrigerator. When reheating, you may need to stir in a little water or milk to reach a desired consistency.



8 cup(s)

Uncooked steel cut oats

2 cup(s)

Dried cranberries

cup(s), chopped

Maple syrup

½ cup(s)

Ground cinnamon

1 tsp(s)

Table salt

½ tsp(s)

Slivered almonds

3 tbsp(s), toasted


  1. Combine all ingredients, except almonds, in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker. Cook on low power for 4 to 6 hours, depending on desired creaminess. Stir well to combine and then sprinkle with almonds.
  2. Yields about 3/4 cup oatmeal and 1 teaspoon almonds per serving.