Basque Chicken with Chorizo and Peppers

4 - 9
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
3 hr 10 min
10 min
3 hr
The Basque region of northern Spain is home to almost 40 Michelin-starred restaurants. These people know good food. Our chicken dish highlights plenty of Basque ingredients, including chorizo, bell peppers, and smoked paprika.


Canned diced tomatoes

1 cup(s), with juice

Canned unsalted tomato paste

1 tbsp(s)

Smoked paprika

¾ tsp(s)

Kosher salt

½ tsp(s)

Black pepper


Uncooked sweet onions

1 small, chopped

Uncooked celery

1 stalk(s), large, sliced


60 gm, 1/4 cup, chopped

Grilled skinless boneless chicken breast

12 oz

Yellow pepper(s)

1 small, chopped

Whole-grain yellow cornmeal

1½ tsp(s)


  1. In a 2-qt slow cooker, mix together tomatoes, 2 tbsp water, tomato paste, paprika, salt, and black pepper. Stir in onion, celery, and chorizo; top with chicken and bell pepper. Cover and cook until chicken and vegetables are fork-tender, 3 to 4 hours on High or 6 to 8 hours on Low.
  2. About 20 minutes before cooking time is up, slowly stir cornmeal into slow cooker. Cover and cook until mixture thickens. Serve sprinkled with thyme and basil.
  3. Per serving: 1 chicken breast and 11/4 cups vegetables with sauce


Serving idea: Quinoa, a good-for-you whole grain, is a heartier alternative to rice.