Your 7-day dinner plan: Eating the rainbow

For this week's dinners, whip up these recipes that feature loads of colourful veggies for a meal that's both beautiful and nutritious.
Published July 16, 2021

If you're concerned about getting the most nutrients out of your meals, one simple tactic is to include a wide array of colours (naturally occurring ones, of course) when deciding what should go on your dinner plate. Making a conscious effort to eat a rainbow's worth of produce brings a variety of flavours, textures, and vitamins to your dinners, in addition to disproving the notion that veggies can be boring.

Summer is a particularly fabulous time of year for loading up on all kinds of colourful, in-season fruits and veggies at the market. Choose from bell peppers in different colours (look for the pretty purple ones next time you're at the farmers' market) to tomatoes of all shapes and shades. And let's not forget sweet rainbow carrots, earthy rainbow chard, or a mixed medley of blue, red, and golden baby potatoes.

Below you'll find seven dinner recipes that make the most of nature's colourful bounty. Don't forget: many veggies are interchangeable in recipes. Not a fan of sweet potatoes? Try carrots instead, which have a similar firmness and sweetness. If the texture of raw tomatoes is not your thing, replace them with fresh bell peppers slices, which are also sweet and tangy but have a crunchier bite.

And as always, don't forget to track and save your favourites in the WW app!