Turn It Around!

Whether you've gained a few pounds, or haven't been as active as you want to be, or are trying to rekindle your motivation, here's help tackling setbacks.
Published April 3, 2017

Any time you focus on changing lifestyle habits, you'll be facing ups and downs—and we mean that literally, as anyone who's done the what's-it-gonna-be dance with the scale each time you weigh in. But remember, no matter what the scale says, and no matter what the slip or setback, no one is perfect. Getting thrown off track occasionally doesn't mean you've messed up for good.

While it might not feel like it at the time, a slip can pave the way to greater success and boost your confidence. It's a perfect opportunity to slow down, reassess your habits, and decide what's working for you; what's not; and why. Open yourself up to the lessons that hurdles present and make the slip work for you, rather than against you. Doing so will help you regain control and avoid feeling discouraged.

And it's wise to assume that such slips will happen. For instance, if you've gained a few pounds, your Weekly helps you make a plan before it happens, and then gives you steps to take when and if it does. Look at slips as road signs pointing the way toward a more productive path. Each time you make a mistake, you learn what to do—and more important, what not to do.

Maybe you’re finding it difficult to commit to your weekly activity goal. Or you’re not as vigilant with tracking on the weekends. Or perhaps you’ve noticed your motivation waning a few months into the year. Recognizing behaviours that hinder your progress and using strategies and tools to help you recover from lapses is a big step in establishing a successful weight-loss plan that will work for you, and that you can work with, too.

It’s also important to recognize negative thoughts when they run through your mind, and understand how your thoughts influence your weight-loss progress. Let's say you overindulged and thought, ‘I’ve blown it, so I might as well keep eating.’ Instead of throwing in the towel and overeating the rest of the day (or week), do something to help you feel more in control. Think of your next meal, or the next moment, as a fresh start to start tracking, to pack a healthy lunch for the next day, to make a walk date instead of a dinner date with a friend.

Wherever your insights lead you, bravo for having the courage to take what might be an uncomfortable detour — and still move forward — on your path to weight-loss success. Give yourself credit for undertaking such a life-changing journey — slip-ups and all!

Beet it!

Earthy, satisfying, and super-versatile, beets have lots of fiber, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.