Tracking Cheat Sheet

A printable go-to guide for top tracking tips!
Published January 15, 2019

Our #1 tool for success: Tracking.


Click here for an easy to follow cheat sheet!


Being mindful of how much you eat, move, and whether you're gaining, losing, or maintaining your weight, helps you see your progress more clearly. It also helps you gain insight into patterns, which is key for making change.



1. Use the Barcode Scanner.

  • Scan the barcode of almost any packaged food and it’ll automatically calculate the SmartPoints values for you.

2. Take a pic.

  • Don’t have time to track? Take a picture and track it later. It’ll also help you remember exactly what you ate.

3. Pre­track your meal.

  • Planning ahead will help you know how many SmartPoints you have to spend and what you want to spend them on.


Three tips for easy tracking

  1. Pre-track: Do you have the same breakfast most days? Going out for dinner and already decided what you are going to have? Then pre-tracking is your BFF. Pick a time of day and make a habit of tracking what you know you will be eating (you can always go back and modify later). This can help you get into the habit of tracking and can give you visibility into how many points you have left (maybe for that glass of wine!).
  2. Save your favourites: If there is a go-to meal or food you have frequently, save it as a favourite (tap the little star above the food name). It will live I your favourites and this way you don’t need to search for it every time.
  3. Track WW recipes: Our recipes are an easy way to ensure your menu is SmartPoints approved, and it’s easy, one-click tracking, right from the app!

Did you go over your SmartPoints budget?

It happens to all of us (especially at the beginning of the journey), and sometimes the sticker shock of a favourite food can be disheartening. But don’t worry everyone on the WW program has been through it! The key is to stick with tracking, make a plan for your next day, show yourself some self compassion, and move on.

And don’t forget, your weeklies and rollovers are designed to give you more flexibility and there for you to use!