Tips for dining out

Make the most of your night out with these 6 ideas.
Published October 10, 2017

Sure, eating every single meal at home is one way to ensure you’re the boss of your food choices. But who lives that way? Most of us have to grab food on the go, or are obliged to eat out frequently with co-workers, or want to enjoy a nice restaurant meal with friends or family. Getting a plan in place is a great place to start.

Before you go out

  • Look up the menu online. Once you’ve decided on a cuisine and a restaurant, figure out what you want to eat. You can pre-track your meal or even save your favourite restaurant meals in My Day to save time. (Just tap the star icon when you track it.)
  • Do the math: Will you use any of your weekly SmartPoints for the meal, maybe for a special dessert or a drink?
  • Rehearse your “lines” ahead of time. If you’re not used to asking for “a side salad instead of fries, please,” practice before you go so you’re comfortable making the request.

At the restaurant

  • Ask questions! If you’re not sure how a dish is prepared based on the description, always ask your server for details.
  • Get creative with the menu. No need to order a full-size entrée: Try a couple of  appetizers or small plates. Bonus: You get to try more things!
  • Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Use your weeklies! Or stick with something fresh and light like sorbet, or split a dessert with a friend.

After the meal

  • Look back at how the meal went. Were there any unexpected hurdles—that basket of cheese rolls, say, or your boss urging you to try her fried calamari? How did you handle them? If you're not happy with any of your choices, what could you do differently?

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