Plan Your Success

Want to be a winner at losing? Here’s how to set up your path
Published September 11, 2016


Success doesn’t start on the scale. It starts in your mind. Believing in yourself can be a powerful predictor of change and success. And members who believe they will be successful are more likely to achieve their goals. But what if you’re having a hard time believing in yourself? Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight before and weren’t successful. Perhaps what started out as a slip on Memorial Day weekend snowballed into a summer of over-indulgence. Or maybe you went a little crazy at the buffet this weekend?

The thing is, every one of the members featured in Success Stories has lived those moments of doubt—and then broken through into unshakeable belief in themselves. If you want to become your own “success story,” looking back over the way you’ve come can help you clear the way to success up ahead.

And remember, anywhere you are on your weight-loss journey, whether you’re a newbie or have been a Lifetime member for years, your fellow members can be a great source of support, words of wisdom, and even a kick in the pants when you need it. Jump in on Connect for inspiration to help you to stay the course, and believe that you can do it, one small change at a time.

Try these steps to find your own magic combination of mindset, motivation, and method:

*Set meaningful, realistic goals*

A goal that you can break down into smaller steps can be easier to achieve. Remember that slow and steady wins the race—up to 2 pounds a week is a safe rate of weight loss (you might lose more in your first few weeks). It might not sound like much, but those pounds add up: One pound per week equals 52 pounds in a year.

And consider goals that go beyond the scale—maybe you want to drop a clothing size, or be able to climb two flights of stairs without getting winded, or even lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Your My Success Story gives you room to include those important goals, too.

*Adopt a mantra*

“I’ve come too far to take orders from a cookie.”

“Don’t give up what you want the most for what you want right now.”

“I can’t change yesterday, but I can change today.”

Whether it’s something you think up yourself or find on Connect or the internet, a motivating saying or mantra can help keep you going when the going gets tough. Jot it down and tuck it in your wallet or make it your cellphone home screen so it’s always close at hand to work its magic.

*Harness the power of positive thinking*

We all know that mindfulness and a hopeful attitude can help you reach your goals. In fact, people who tried optimism exercises reported feeling more engaged in life and less prone to unhelpful or distorted thinking—even people who started out in a pessimistic frame of mind. Looking at the good in situations, even when you’ve had a bad day, is the essence of optimism. Pair it with a realistic frame of mind, and you're at the sweet spot of success.

*Celebrate you!*

You’ll miss plenty of triumphs if you’re looking only at the numbers. Whether the victory is on or off the scale, patting yourself on the back along the way will help fuel your confidence and spur you on to even more success.

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