Plan Basics

Move Mindfully

Explore the wonders of nature. It can boost your happiness—and your weight loss!
Published June 18, 2017

Nature lifts your spirits.Activity boosts your mood. Why not do both and get a double hit of feel-good vibes? And when you spend time in surroundings that trigger a sense of awe, it's even better: Greater feelings of happiness, wellbeing, and even generosity!

That plays into your weight loss, too, since happy people tend to make healthier choices!

While we think of huge mountains, a vast star-spangled night sky, or soaring skyscrapers as awe-inspiring sights, a close-up view of an intricate flower or an ant hoisting a leaf 20 times bigger than itself can do the trick, too. If the ideas in your Weekly intrigued you, here are a few other ways to connect to the wider world as you move your body and lift your spirits.

Tend to your garden. The digging, planting, weeding, and so on are good for your body; and creating a beautiful or fruitful space is good for the mind and spirit. Look closely at the bumblebee hovering over your rose bushes and admire all of their hard work.

Go camping. June is Great Outdoors Month, so take advantage of warm summer nights by spending a weekend in the woods. Sleep under the stars and take in all of nature’s sights and sounds to truly feel at one with the earth.

Visit a museum. If you need to beat the heat, head indoors—museums can be storehouses of marvels: inspiring artworks, mind-boggling inventions, explorations of the natural world. You'll get some extra steps in as you absorb new knowledge about science, art, history, and such.

Hit the beach. Don a wide-brimmed hat and go for a stroll along the water’s edge. Sand walking is a great leg toner, and in any season there’s something about the ocean waves that raises your spirits. Pack a Frisbee® or a paddleball set to add FitPoints® to the fun. Watch the waves as they roll up and down the shore and truly take the time to appreciate nature.

Think outside the gym. There are lots of ways to [take your workout outside.] Go on a bike ride, hike to a local lake, paddle a canoe. Take in your surroundings with all your senses: Feel the warmth of the sun, inhale the fragrance of flowers and grass, listen to birds chirping, take in the colours and shapes of trees and bushes....

Watch the sun rise—or set. Pair that with a walk and you get a double benefit of engaging with nature and moving more.

Blueberry Bonanza

Rich in hue—and in wholesome nutrients—blueberries lend their sweetness to more than just pie and pancakes. If our recipe in the Weekly, Blueberry-Meyer Lemon Sorbet with Thyme, strikes your fancy, try these other berry, berry good treats!