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Published December 11, 2015


Change measurement units from kgs to lbs

Once again you can toggle between kilograms and pounds as your preferred unit of measurements.

Here's how:

  1. Click on the Profile icon on the top right-hand corner of My Day tracker screen.
  2. Drop down the menu and select Settings
  3. Click on Profile
  4. Select the "Click here to update your profile" link
  5. Choose your preferred measurement system, imperial or metric.
  6. Complete the rest of the assessment.

Recipe Builder is back!

Recipe Builder lets you create a recipe from scratch OR customize an existing Weight Watchers recipe. To build a recipe from scratch, go to My Day, click My Foods in the Search bar, click Recipe, and from there you can create your own masterpiece.

If you'd like to tweak an existing Weight Watchers meal, you can do that by clicking on the customization bar on any recipe.

Why are there so many fields showing on the new SmartPoints Calculator?
While it is true that it only takes four components (calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein) to calculate the SmartPoints value of a food, our calculator online does show additional fields for total fat, fibre and carbohydrates. Although these are not required to calculate SmartPoints this information is useful for the food database.  Members can input the actual values as seen on the food labels or they can enter a zero value in these fields as they will not impact the actual SmartPoints calculation.

Why does my online account show a different Daily SmartPoints than the one my Leader gave me in the meeting?
Make sure that the settings in your online account accurately reflect your information (height, weight, age and  gender) and are not set to Maintenance if you are still on a weight loss journey.

My username and password does not seem to be working?
Simply click on the password reset button on your login page and you will be able to re-set your password,

Why are there discrepancies between metric and imperial measurements (for both weight and height)?
This is a known bug and we are looking to have it fixed shortly.

Why are my FitBit FitPoints not syncing to my profile?
This issue has been reported and we are looking to have it resolved shortly.

Why does data seem to be missing?
Due to the major overhaul of our systems we had to migrate your food, weight and activity data. While you should see your favourites and tracked foods we were not able to move ‘quick adds’ because of their individual nature.

Does this mean that I have to recalculate the values for my created foods and favourite recipes?
We know that it can be inconvenient to recalculate your favourite foods, but SmartPoints is worth it. SmartPoints is more effective than PointsPlus, promoting overall health and wellness, as well as effective weight loss. The work will be worth it.

Can I delete my favourites in a bulk?
No this cannot be done.

The SmartPoints values of some foods look strange and I’m seeing a grey bell symbol:

These are foods that miss certain nutrient information. If you add the additional nutrients needed, they will look fine.

Multi-add functionality
We are hard at work on this and trying to improve this feature.

Search improvements are coming! 
The team is working on personalizing your search experience so that your foods, the ones you've favourited and/or created will show up at the top of your results. This is coming, we promise! Also, on the WW Mobile app, you will soon be able to search within your Favorites. That search bar is coming soon!

Why can't I customize my Daily SmartPointsTM values? 
With the SmartPoints plan we have optimized your daily and weekly SmartPoints according to your needs . This is why we discontinued this option.

Looking for your Favourites? 
As you scroll down within your foods, or your favourites, you will see ‘More Results’ at the bottom. Click this and you will be able to see the rest of your list..

Weight charts
Coming soon!

Account Info
Find your Monthly Pass or Lifetime Membership vouchers and other account and billing settings by clicking the Profile icon on the upper right of the screen. Select Settings, then Profile. 

Activity device doesn’t appear to be syncing on my App? 
We’re exploring this issue but we've found a common cause is that an older Fitbit device is still connected to your Weight Watchers App. This may have happened if you purchased and started using a new Fitbit device and created a new Fitbit account, without disconnecting your previous Fitbit device from your WeightWatchers app. Please check to make sure your current Fitbit device is indeed synced to your current Fitbit account by looking at your Fitbit Account Settings. Then, disconnect and reconnect your Fitbit from the Weight Watchers app by going to More > Settings > Devices on the mobile app OR Profile>Settings>Activity on the website.

Mobile App

Seeing inaccurate weight or SmartPoints values?
It has recently come to our attention that some users are seeing inaccurate SmartPoints and FitPoints values in the Weight Watchers app. We’ve discovered that this error is caused by syncing with the new FitBreak by Weight Watchers app, available on iOS. A fix has been put in place and this issue should be solved soon. In the meantime, while we encourage members to explore the great fitness videos available in FitBreak, we recommend you refrain from syncing your account to the app. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

How do I correct the error in my weight and SmartPoints Values being caused by the FitBreak app?
There is a simple workaround; Log into your account online and click on the weight icon on the navigation bar on your My Day page. Override the incorrect weight listed in the weight field and press save. You will notice that not only will your weight be corrected but your proper Daily and Weekly SmartPoints values will be restored once you refresh the page (or log out and back in).

Trouble with metric/imperial weight conversion
There have been some reported instances of incorrect conversions from kgs to lbs or vice versa in the app. We’re aware of this bug and working to fix it as soon as possible.

I have two versions of the mobile app on my phone?  Will I lose my data when I delete the old one?
No.  All of your data resides on your online account.  The mobile app simply provides you “on the go” access to that data.

Why can’t I login to my account on my iPhone mobile app?
The language and region settings on your mobile device may be preventing you from successfully logging into the new Weight Watchers 4.0 mobile app.

You can adjust your mobile settings by simply going to the Settings icon on your device and following through as follows:  Settings>>General>>Language & Region.  Once on the Language and Region screen, please change your language to English (Canada) or French (Canada) and change the region to Canada as well.

You will need to upgrade your Weight Watchers Mobile App to the latest version to experience the new Beyond the Scale program. 

Your device must be upgraded to iOS 8. This means you need an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 or newer. If you have an older phone or have trouble logging in, please log in through your web access. The new website is optimized for any mobile phone.

Where is the Recipe Builder in the app? 
We are working on this, but in the meantime, while in My Foods, you'll see 'Create' in the top right corner. When you click on this, it will take you out of the app and bring you to We recommend building recipes on the web and you'll be able to use them on Mobile. Thanks for your patience!