How do I estimate portions on the go?

Our how-to guide makes it simple
Published October 10, 2017
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Using tools like measuring cups and food scales makes it easy to dole out perfect portions when you’re at home. But toting those tools around when you’re at a party? That isn't going to cut it.

You don’t need to weigh, measure, or track anything that’s on the ZeroPoint™ food list. But when you’re enjoying foods that do have SmartPoints, it makes it easier to track them if you know how much you’re eating. Take this mini-quiz to test your portioning know-how.

A ¼ cup serving of store-bought guacamole (4 SmartPoints® value) looks about the same as

a) golf ball

b) your thumb, from joint to tip

c) your fingertip

Answer: a (Your thumb is about 1 tablespoon and your fingertip is about a teaspoon.)

What would a 3-oz cooked 90% lean hamburger patty (4 SmartPoints) compare to?

a) a closed fist

b) your palm

c) a tennis ball

Answer: b Of course, if your hands are large, downsize your portion a bit. (Options a and c are similar to a 1-cup serving.)

A 1-oz serving of cheddar cheese (4 SmartPoints) is about the size of

a) a 9-volt battery

b) a thumb, from base to tip

c) 4 small dice

Answer: All of the above!


Whenever you measure and serve yourself, take a mental snapshot: "Here's what one cup of couscous looks like. This is a teaspoon of butter." Then no matter where you're eating you'll feel more confident in your ability to eyeball the right size.