Five Ways to Use a Big Batch of Quinoa

Cook it once. Enjoy fast, easy, filling meals all week long.
Published March 25, 2022

Quinoa isn’t actually a grain; it’s a seed. And that makes sense because one pot of the stuff can sprout all kinds of amazing things–from hearty-ing up a basic egg scramble to forming the base of the most comforting hot cereal you’ve ever had.

Though quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wha’) is cooked like rice, it’s gluten-free. It’s also rich in complex carbohydrates, high in dietary fibre, and is a good source of plant protein. So whip up a big batch (here’s a basic recipe), store it tightly covered in the fridge for up to 5 days, then use it all week long in grain bowls, soups, salads—virtually anywhere you’d reach for rice, bulgur, barley, or other grains.