Befriend Your Body

Show it in how you present yourself to the world!
Published June 16, 2016

Slumped shoulders. Crossed arms. Bowed head.

Squared shoulders. Relaxed arms. Head up.

Body language is aptly named—that first set of descriptions signals lack of confidence, pessimism, even hopelessness. The second? Confidence, self-assurance, optimism, and not just to others: Body language sends those messages to yourself, too.

So how can we change our body language?  How do you learn to appreciate and accept your body even (especially!) when you can’t help but compare yourself to someone else, like toned treadmill runners at the gym. There are some simple steps you can take like stopping trash-talking yourself. Yeah, if you’ve spent years putting yourself down, it’ll take some practice to be friends with your body. But it’s so worth it once you open yourself up to the possibilities!

Now let’s focus on the   external. Here’s a simple switch that can make a huge difference in how you feel about your body: changing your posture. Standing tall—with your head, spine, knees, and ankles aligned vertically—helps you feel more powerful and confident and (bonus!) it can make you look slimmer, too.

The power of posture
Not convinced your body position affects your spirit? Try this:

  • *Sit in a chair with your chin down and a frown on your face, your rib cage crunched and your shoulders slumped. Think about happy things. Can you connect with those pleasant feelings?
  • Now, smile, lift your rib cage, centre your weight, and sit tall. What happens when you call up those happy thoughts again?

Changing how you carry yourself can go a long way toward boosting your body image. After some practice—check your posture from time to time in the mirror—you’ll be in tune with how standing straight and tall makes a difference in the way you feel. And that in turn will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin as you lose weight.

The power of your own self-image can be enough to positively affect every aspect of your life, including your weight loss. For more ways to love yourself as you are, check out our “I Am Beautiful” section. There’s so much here to inspire, inform, move, and delight you.

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