Your 7-day dinner plan: Healthy tray bakes

Make a nutritious dinner with minimal effort. Our simple, healthy tray bake recipes are perfect for midweek meals.
Published 16 March 2022 | Updated 31 May 2024
Meatball, tomato and bocconcini tray bake

Life's hustle and bustle can mean the last thing you want to worry about is fixing a busy dinner with multiple pots and pans...and having to clean it all up. The solution? Simple tray bakes. With minimal prep, basic ingredients, and little clean-up, this is surely one of the quickest ways to get dinner on the table (and takes less time than waiting for food to be delivered).

For the best success with this easy cooking technique, use your sturdiest pan (this will prevent your ingredients from browning too much) and have a bottle of your favourite oil cooking spray handy. Once you’ve assembled everything on the tray, you can sit back, relax, and let the oven do the work for you.

Whether you’re after a meat, fish or veggie tray bake, we’ve got recipes to suit. Simplify your weeknight meals with these easy, delicious options that promise to please the whole family. One of our member's fave is the easy balsamic and mustard chicken tray bake, what will yours be?