Your 7-day dinner plan: Get back on track with these low Point meals

Hit RESTART after an event or long weekend with these dinners that are low in Points, one for each day of the week.
Published 1 October 2021 | Updated 17 October 2022

Whether you're looking to reset your eating plan after a long weekend or just looking for some delicious dinners that are low in Points to get you back on track, this is the perfect recipe collection for you! Enjoy seven days of dinners all for 5 Points or less.

Cooking healthy meals for yourself and family is so much easier when you start with ZeroPoint foods as your base. Take our loaded veg stir-fry for example—a simple, delicious dish showcasing a rainbow of veggies (that are zero), and ready in just 30 minutes. Make this meal your own by swapping in your favourite veggies.