WW Snack Boxes and ideas on how to fill them

WW Ambassador Anna Van Dyken shows you how to mix and match to create healthy, tasty snack boxes.

8 healthy snack box ideas

WW Member and Ambassador, Anna Van Dyken is our snack box queen! With over 30,000 'Feed me healthy' Instagram followers, some of her most popular recipes are for her snack boxes. Anna prepares her snack boxes on a Sunday for grab and go convenience during the busy week. Low in SmartPoints and always tasty, they have been her go-to for years. Anna’s first snack box was posted on her social channels in 2014. With endless flavour combinations and colourful ideas, here are eight of her favourite snack boxes.

1. Popcorn snack box

1 cup cinnamon popcorn
1 hard boiled egg
Grapes and strawberries
Carrot and celery
50g 97% fat free deli ham

2. Deli chicken snack box

2 x laughing cow cheese
Baby cucumbers and carrots
Fruit salad
50g 97% fat free deli chicken breast
160g plain 99% fat-free yoghurt
2 tsp diet caramel topping

3. Hummus snack box

7 x wafer thins
1 x Babybel light cheese
1 x boiled egg
1 serve x Anna’s creamy hummus
Carrot, capsicum and cucumber
Kiwi gold, grapes, raspberries and Medjool dates

4. Cheesy corn muffin snack box

1 x Anna’s cheesy corn muffin
Cherry tomatoes and carrots
Capsicum and snow peas​
1 serve x Anna’s tzatziki dip
Grapes and raspberries

5. Chocolate mousse snack box

½ cup cinnamon popcorn
7 x pretzels
2 x Anna's salted caramel and coconut bliss balls
Raspberries, grapes and strawberries
160g serve x Anna’s chocolate mousse
5g Nestle choc baking bits

6. Sticky glazed meatballs snack box

6 x Anna’s sticky glazed meatballs
30g baby cornichon cucumbers
Fresh cucumber and carrots
Radishes and cherry tomatoes
Pineapple and strawberries

7. Sushi inspired snack box

65g smoked salmon
30g edamame beans
2 egg omelette
Snow peas and 20g pickled ginger
Carrot and cucumber ribbons
½ tsp black sesame seeds

8. Pesto pumpkin & pasta salad lunch box​

Pesto pumpkin & pasta salad (minus the chicken)