Weight loss

10 expert weight loss tips from WW Coaches

WW Coaches don’t just teach the program, they live it - meaning their advice is always on-point. Read on for their expert weight loss tips and strategies that helped them succeed on WW, so you can too.
Published 9 March 2022

WW Coaches are program experts! Each week at their Workshops they share new strategies that help members make small healthy habits that lead to long term results.

From exercise ideas, meal planning to positive self talk, our Coaches have all lost weight on the program and are passionate about supporting others on their own journeys.

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Game changer #1: “Make lots of small changes that will slowly add up”

If you told me in July 2019 that I would lose 20 kg and feel this great, I wouldn’t have believed you! I had failed at losing weight so many times before. The difference with WW is that nothing is off-limits. My tip is to make lots of small changes that will slowly add up to help you see big results in not just your weight, but most importantly, in how you feel. Just using the barcode scanner at the supermarket can be the difference between bringing home bread that is 8 Points or bread that is 2 Points. When something is new it takes time to learn. Keep asking lots of questions.

- WW Coach Natalie Khoury

Game changer #2: “Meal plan around your ZeroPoint foods”

My top tip when shopping is to put your ZeroPoint foods at the top of your list and shop for them first. I choose fruit and veg in season and always pick at least one that's a bit more expensive so it feels like a treat, for example lychees, cherries or maybe a nashi pear. I then pick lean proteins and grains. Now my trolley is packed with good choices and I'm in control for the rest of the shop and what I take home.

- WW Coach Belinda Christie

Game changer #3: “Get the family involved in meal planning”

Each Sunday I sit down with my meal planner and create a plan for the week ahead. Meal planning definitely helped me lose 28 kg. The first thing I do is plan out my breakfasts. It’s my favourite meal of the day and the quickest to plan. I then go down to dinners and I get the family involved. We grab out our WW cookbooks, open the WW app and we each choose a dinner for the week. Lastly, we fill in the lunches and place the planner on the fridge. I have really enjoyed getting the family involved in the meal planning. It has sparked their interest in cooking and my girls no longer constantly ask, 'what's for dinner'!

Game changer #4: “The quicker you lose, the less you learn”

Before WW, I always thought that to lose weight the program had to work quickly. Now I know the quicker you lose, the less you learn and the less likely you will keep the weight off. Why? A long term approach to weight loss allows us to develop healthy habits that carry us through challenging times when motivation is limited. We also need a great Coach who believes that we can achieve our goals! I am 60 and feel the best I have ever felt thanks to my healthy lifestyle and WW’s guidance.

- WW Coach Dianna Kaliviotis

Game changer #5: “Aim for progress over perfection”

I have been a Coach for 25 years and lost 33 kg. My tip for keeping it simple is to take one day at a time. We are so quick to be hard on ourselves when things don't go to plan but rarely do we stop to give ourselves a pat on the back when we have achieved a goal we set out to do. A topic very close to my heart is to stop trying to be perfect. I was always very black and white. I was either on a program or completely off it. Learning to be in the gray is very helpful as it helps us to accept setbacks and simply move on. We are never going to be perfect all the time because that is simply not possible but aiming for persistence and consistency leads to long term success.

- WW Coach Marie Elliott

Game changer #6: “Keep your why close by”

I’ve been a WW Coach going on 12 years now. Before becoming a Coach I was a WW member and lost a total of 32 kg on the WW program. My best tip for reaching your goal is to ‘never give up’. At times we hit roadblocks but it’s all about pushing forward and trusting the program. Have a clear WHY and hold it close by. When the WHY is clear, it makes the HOW much easier.

- WW Coach Debbie McGrath

Game changer #7: “Think of breakfast as petrol for the day”

I’ve lost 25 kg on WW and learned so much along the way. My helpful tip is not to skip breakfast. I love food! It's almost the first thing I think about when I wake up and so I never skip breakfast. I think of breakfast as the petrol going into the car for the day so that I can do what needs to be done and without fuel it makes it difficult. I always have some protein included in my breakfast to fill me up. My top choices are eggs or yoghurt as they are so quick and easy to prepare.

- WW Coach Fiona Place

Game changer #8: “Cook once, eat often!”

When I turn on the oven to cook dinner, I use that heating time to chop extra veggies, then I bake them at the same time. I keep them in the fridge and add them to omelettes and salads. My biggest time saver is making a triple batch of meatballs. I divide 1.5 kg of mince between 3 bowls, then I add Italian herbs and spices to one; lemon grass, chilli, ginger and garlic to the second and feta and sun dried tomatoes to the other. I roll them into meatballs and cook on separate trays. They freeze really well for 3 months. I then have meatballs to pop into a pasta dish, a stir fry or to add to a salad or snack box.

- WW Coach Shellie Foster

Game changer #9: “Making conscious decisions is the key”

My biggest tip for losing and maintaining weight is to make room, plan and budget for something you really enjoy each week, whether it be a cheeky glass of something with your friend, a scoop of ice cream with your kids or a slice or two of pizza. Nothing is off the table, but making conscious decisions about when, where and how much is the key.

- WW Coach Kim Kee

Game changer #10: “Let others know how they can help”

Explain to your family how they can help you. They are not mind readers. Explain that purchasing chocolate, wine and pizza etc is not helpful and explain what they can do to support you. Eg; they can walk with you, help you choose recipes, bring healthier snacks, encourage and support your WW Workshop attendance and celebrate your milestones. Then watch the ripple effect!

- WW Coach Karen Russell