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Diet comparison

A comparison of Noom and WeightWatchers®: Which is Better?

Discover how Noom stacks up against WeightWatchers' weight loss program. In this comparison we'll explore the dietary options, health implications, and overall feasibility of both programs.

If you’re in the market for an effective weight loss program, you may have come across both Noom and the WeightWatchers weight loss programs.

While both programs are designed for weight loss, the differences between Noom and WW are plentiful. For one, WW has been helping members lose weight for more than 60 years, thanks to decades of research and constant innovation designed to meet the needs of members at every life stage. Read on to learn more about how Noom and WW compare.

The main differences between Noom and WW

While both Noom and WW are designed to foster weight loss, Noom relies on old-school calorie counting and assigns a red, yellow, and green colour to each food.

WW combines powerful behaviour-change science and our science-backed Points-system, which takes a food’s complete nutritional profile into account by boiling down calories, fat, sugar, protein and fbre into one easy-to-use Points value.

On WW, every member gets a customised Points Budget based on height, age, weight, and sex that consists of daily Points, weekly Points, and rollovers for added flexibility, plus a list of over 200 ZeroPoint foods you don’t have to track or measure.

How much does Noom Cost Australia?

Noom’s app costs $49.50 USD per month. A WW Digital membership—which includes access to our award-winning app featuring our digital food database and tracker, 24/7 Live Coaching via chat, a food barcode scanner, a members-only social network, and more—costs $42.50 AUD** per month. Workshop memberships cost $81.95** per month, and one-on-one Personal Coaching costs $109.50** per month.

**This price represents standard pricing. WW may run promotional offers that can lower costs. Check our current pricing here.

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Noom vs. WW: Program philosophy

The WeightWatchers program is grounded on established principles of nutrition and behavior-change science designed to guide you into healthy habits concerning food, mindset, and activity. Our experienced science team works closely with leading researchers worldwide to develop this program.

WW also provides in-person support. There are hundreds of expertly-trained WW Coaches who share science-backed techniques for weight loss at weekly in-person and Virtual Workshops and via 24/7 Live Coaching chat on the WW app and website, plus hundreds of WW members who attend local Workshops and/or post on Connect—WW’s exclusive, members-only social platform.

When following Noom, you get a personalised calorie budget, checklists, worksheets, and digital messaging to help you manage mental and emotional barriers to weight loss.

Noom vs. WW: what you'll eat

Both programs allow you to enjoy all foods without any restrictions. Noom, in particular, offers an extensive library of 3.7 million food options to track. These foods are categorised into a traffic light system of green, yellow, and red, making it easier for you to make informed choices and stay within your calorie budget.

The WeightWatchers Points system is based on the concept that not all calories are created equal. Some foods can leave you feeling full and satisfied, while others can increase your appetite. While it's true that you can use your Points Budget for any type of food you like, WW members typically choose whole foods with higher protein and fibre content over processed foods with high sugar and saturated fat content, leading to sustainable weight loss without feeling deprived. With WW's extensive database of over 42,000 foods, including meals from 70 restaurants and 6,000+ WW recipes, the possibilities are endless.

Support and personal coaching

There are no in-person meetings or groups on Noom, which offers digital personal coaching through the app. After two weeks on the program, you're put into a digital support group with other members.

WW provides a variety of support modes to cater to your lifestyle, schedule, and learning preferences. Core members can enjoy 24/7 Live Coaching via chat and access the members-only Connect social network, where you can find inspiration and receive real-time advice. Both are accessible through our award-winning app.

For additional support, you can join in-person weekly Workshops or log in to Virtual Workshops from the comfort of your own home. These workshops are led by expertly trained WW Coaches. You can also upgrade to one-on-one Personal Coaching, which includes weekly phone calls and unlimited messaging.

Our curriculum of weekly topics is designed to make creating healthy habits simpler and more enjoyable through science-backed techniques. These topics are covered in both Workshops and our digital tools, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your weight loss goals.

Learn more about the differences between Noom and WW



WW has over 60 years of expertise, weight loss research, and innovation, which has helped millions lose weight.

WW has over 100 published studies proving its efficacy. The program is developed by nutritional and behavior science experts. WW’s science board includes RDs, psychologists, and PHDs.

Noom is just over 15 years old.

Noom has over 25 peer-reviewed scientific articles that inform users, practitioners, scientists, and the public about how our methods work and how effective they are.

What can you eat?

WW’s science-backed program gives you a customised Points Budget. A Points value takes complex nutrition and distills it down to one easy-to-understand number to make choosing what to eat simpler. No food is off-limits.

For extra flexibility, you'll get a list of 200+ ZeroPoint foods—which can include chicken, eggs, tofu, salmon, and more!—that you don't have to track or measure. This gives you freedom in what you eat, so you’re never missing out.

On Noom, you will count calories, but foods are grouped into a traffic-light system of green, yellow, and red to guide your food choices. Similarly, no food is off limits, but you are guided to track every food.

App features

● Food tracking with barcode scanner, restaurant finder, recipe builder, meal planner, and huge database for easy tracking

● 6,000+ delicious, healthy recipes

● Track activity in the app by integrating your device

● 24/7 Live Coaching

● Connect, WW’s exclusive members-only social network, where you can find inspiration—and get real-time advice

● “What’s In Your Fridge” tool suggests recipes based on what you have

● Progress Reports show your weight-loss journey

● 5-Minute Coaching

● Mindset tools including meditations

● Track the foods you eat by searching a database or scanning barcodes

● Log exercise, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar in-app

● 1:1 health coaching during business hours

● Interactive articles and quizzes