Science Center

Dominique Adair, MS, RD

Senior Manager, Behavior Change Coaching & Experiences

What she does at WW

A registered dietitian and certified health coach, Dominique has a deep interest in the science of behavior change. As a member of the Science team, she collaborates across the organization to integrate evidenced-based behavior change practices and principles into WW’s Coach-driven member experiences. She partners with WW’s Learning and Development team to ensure that WW Coaches are equipped with the behavior change expertise and skills required to help millions of members build and maintain healthy habits so they can reach their goals. She also works closely with WW’s service design team to create in-person and virtual experiences based on scientific principles of behavior change.

Her background

Dominique brings dual expertise in healthcare and coaching to WW. With an early focus on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease, she achieved a Board Certification in Lipidology, as well as other specializations to better understand the relationship between lifestyle, chronic disease, and health promotion. And through her work in healthcare, she became increasingly interested in the behavior change side of the equation. This stemmed from consistently observing how healthcare interventions that rely primarily on providing education and information are often insufficient for driving meaningful changes that lead to better health. During the second half of her career in wellness, Dominique built and led coaching teams. To support clients in achieving self-defined success, she leveraged her clinical expertise with a special focus on developing guidance around not only what people can do, but, importantly, how they can do it.

What brought her to WW

During her time in healthcare, Dominique regularly recommended the WW program as a tool for the next phase of clients’ wellness journeys. While she was familiar with WW’s science-backed legacy, seeing their success further enhanced her appreciation of the program of today. So when she was offered the chance to join the WW Science team, she knew she’d found her dream role. And according to Dominique, it’s much more than just a job—with the potential to positively impact the health and wellness of millions through evidence-based behavior change support, it's an unbelievable opportunity.

Get to know Dominique:

  • In her free time: Dominique is an avid runner and recreational cyclist. She enjoys both activities with her 20-year-old son, who has yet to beat her half-marathon time (probably because he’s too kind).
  • You might be surprised to learn: A native New Yorker, Dominique has also lived in Boston, Paris, and Santa Monica, CA. She’s grateful to have experienced work and fun in several corners of the world.
  • The wellness advice she gives her friends: No one ever “felt bad enough” into healthy behavior. Meaning, we treat ourselves well, when we think well of ourselves.