Easy eating out on SmartPoints

3 smart ideas for 3 of your favorite cuisines.

Do you shake in your boots when you hear, “Let’s go out for dinner tonight!”? Fear not — we’ll show you how to combine food and fun without going overboard. Here are three complete restaurant meals, all for fewer than 10 SmartPoints value.

Chinese: 1 cup wonton soup (2), 1 cup Chinese vegetables with chicken (4) and 1/2 cup white rice (3). SmartPoints value: 9

Italian:  Mixed green and tomato salad with vinegar and 1 tsp oil (1), 1 ½ Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese (1) and pasta primavera — 1 c pasta mixed with veggies and 3/4c marinara sauce (7).  SmartPoints value: 9

Steakhouse: Mixed green and veggie salad with vinegar and 1 tsp oil (1), 3 oz trimmed flank steak (3), 1 medium baked potato (5). SmartPoints value: 9