Balance Your Thinking

It’s great to think things will work out—so long as you have a plan to make it happen.
Published March 23, 2018

Sure, it's important to be positive when setbacks happen, but it's also important to be proactive. In order to both look on the bright side and keep yourself honest, construct a plan. Write down specific steps. They’ll help you follow through with your rose-colored attitude:

1. Identify your "don't worry about it" thought.
Ex. "I ate more than I wanted to today, but I'll probably get back on track  tomorrow."

2. Reality-check it with a plan on HOW you will get back on track.
Ex. "I'll track tomorrow and aim for the blue dot zone!"

3. Take it a step further.
Ex. "I will eat my go-to healthy breakfast and my go-to healthy lunch tomorrow, track it, and stay in the blue dot zone!"

Make sure you write down your can't fail-plan using the steps above and share them on Connect with the hashtag #weeklytopic!