Weight Watchers member Zanya
Success Stories

Zanya: Family support helped me lose more than 3st

When Zanya fell in love with a slinky gown for her upcoming birthday party, she knew she needed to get healthy to feel her confident best.
Since I joined Weight Watchers, my secret weapon is the barcode scanner on the app; it makes life easier every day!
Weight Watchers member Zanya
Weight Watchers member Zanya

Start weight: 15st 7lb | Weight loss:  3st 8lb*
Current weight: 11st 13lb 
Height: 5' 6" | Age:  31
Time taken so far: 2 years, 10 months 
Meeting: Riverside Community Centre, Gravesend, Kent
Coach: Deborah Fielding

My journey began

after I decided to wear a sparkly gold dress to my 30th birthday party. I knew I was too big to carry off something strapless and covered in sequins, so I joined Weight Watchers. By the time my birthday came around, the dress fitted, and I felt fab.

But things didn’t stop there!

The next challenge I set for myself was to run the London Marathon, so I started a training programme and on 23 April 2017, I did it! I finished in just over six hours. Now I’m completely committed to exercise, running three days each week, lifting weights twice a week, and devoting another day to stretching or yoga.

Big portions used to be my downfall,

but cutting down serving sizes and discovering new, healthier foods has really helped. And because my husband, Donald, is happy to be so hands-on with our three-year-old daughter Angelica, I have the time I need to look after myself. Exercise has helped my mental wellbeing too, and has made me a better role model for her. Now, whenever I take Angelica to the park, I can fit on the slide and enjoy it with her, rather than watching from the sidelines.

My moments…

‘I’m loving how WW Flex® has transformed my eating habits; I’ve made so many new foodie discoveries since I joined Weight Watchers. And my secret weapon? The barcode scanner on the app; it makes life easier every day.’ 

‘When it comes to shopping, I do a mixture of online and in the supermarket. I prefer shopping in a store, so I can see products myself. And if I’m buying a new food and I’m not sure how many SmartPoints® it will be, I use the barcode scanner. It's so quick and easy.’ 

‘I’ve found WW Flex nudges me towards healthier choices as there are now more than 200 foods on the zero Points® foods list. So I go for them first before using my SmartPoints! I love cooking salmon now, and I also enjoy chicken and fish.’ 

‘My favourite go-to snack is cooked, ready-to-eat peeled king prawns. I’ve also discovered courgetti, and love making healthier versions of family favourites like extra-lean beef burgers, which we all enjoy.’

*Zanya has been following the plan since April 2015.