Success Stories

Sarah: I can still indulge in my favourites!

Mum-of-two (and WW Coach) Sarah is used to juggling several things at once, and thanks to WW Freestyle™, she’s now finding the plan easier than ever!
Published 24 October, 2017
"The rollovers mean I can still indulge in my favourites, so I never feel like I'm missing out!"

Start weight: 16st 10.5lb  | Weight loss: 1st 5.5lb*
Current weight: 15st 5lb
Height: 5' 5" |  Age: 36
Studio: Bognor Regis 

I’m the perfect example of real life getting in the way of losing weight. As a busy working mum of two and two jobs – one of which is as a WW Coach – I’m often putting other people first.

I'm getting married in March 2019, and I'm excited to focus on myself and my weight. With WW Freestyle chicken, turkey and eggs are all ZeroPoint™ foods. Most of our family meals are based on these. But the biggest plus for me is the fact that you can roll over leftover SmartPoints. As a family, we tend to eat out a lot at the weekend, going for pub lunches or pizzas, so you can save up your SmartPoints and not feel guilty if you want to indulge.

I like a glass or two of wine in the evenings and I can still have it. I’m over the moon to have lost so much weight in just four months. 

My favourite things about WW: 

  • The WW app makes my busy life easy. The barcode scanner is great when I’m grabbing lunch on the go. I use it to scan sandwiches in places like Costa or Starbucks.
  • I like a challenge and try to set myself a goal of getting a blue dot every day, week or month to motivate myself.

*Sarah started following WW in July 2017.