Success Stories

Lynzi: My fiancé Mark says he’s got himself a new woman!

Joining WW helped Lynzi to get healthy and she is also celebrating being cancer-free.
"Joining WW has not only helped me get healthy, it’s allowed me to be the mum Ollie deserves"
Weight Watchers member Lynzi
Weight Watchers member Lynzi

Start weight: 11st 9½lb | Weight loss:  2st ½lb*
Current weight: 9st 9lb | Goal weight: 10st 5½lb
Height: 5' 4" | Age:  33
Time taken to goal: 3 months 
Studio: Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wellness Coach: Suzi Jones

In 2011, a few weeks before I turned 27,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within a year, I’d unexpectedly lost my mum, Lorraine, too. Because of my cancer treatment, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to have children, so when I had my little boy Ollie, now three, I was determined to look after myself and be as healthy as possible. Mum had suffered from diabetes and I didn’t want to risk going down the same route. Also, I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure I’d be around to look after Ollie, play football with him and generally keep up with him. Joining WW has not only helped me get healthy, it’s allowed me to be the mum Ollie deserves. And, I’m now cancer-free!

My moments

‘We used to have a takeaway on Saturday nights, but now I cook a healthy meal for the whole family.’

‘Seeing me eat a wider variety of foods has encouraged my little boy to try new things too.’

‘We love the chicken enchilada recipe – it’s definitely going to be a staple meal for us.’

‘I love that chicken breast, eggs, tuna and beans are now ZeroPoint™ foods – they’re our favourites! WW has really encouraged me and my family to eat more healthily.’

‘If you’re worried you’ll have to cook different food for the rest of the family, don’t be! There are loads of tasty meals we all enjoy together.’

‘It’s all about planning ahead and using the right ingredients.’

‘WW has introduced me to ingredients like lentils, kidney beans and chickpeas – I would never have considered cooking with them before!’

‘My fiancé Mark couldn’t be more proud of me – he says he’s got himself a new woman!’

‘Cooking with new ingredients means Mark doesn’t have to restrict himself when he cooks for us, as I’m so much more open to trying different things.’

*Lynzi has been following the plan since August 2017.