Health & wellbeing

WW members share their secrets

These members know how to stay on track with WW, but they also know how to relax, unwind and look after themselves. Here’s how they spend their ‘me time’…
Published 4 December, 2017

‘Walking is my time out. I put my walking shoes on and take Dougie, my miniature schnauzer, with me and my troubles melt away.’
Debbie - Read her story here

‘I love an early night! I’ll tuck myself up in bed with a magazine or even watch a little TV or read something on my iPad.’
Sarah - Read her story here

‘Going to the gym is my time out. It’s the one hour during which I can forget about work or life’s stresses, and it’s when I concentrate on improving myself.’
​Lobke - Read her story here

‘I just bought a new acoustic guitar. I’m not sure how chilling it is for everyone else, but for me it’s a great way to unwind.’
Ian - Read his story here

‘Every day come rain or shine, I will go out for a 45-minute walk during my lunch break. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I go shopping or make a phone call abroad to my family – it keeps me moving.’​
Mariam - Read her story here