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Portion control

Achieve plating up perfection by finding the portion size that’s right for you, your lifestyle and your PersonalPoints™ Budget. Here’s how…
Published 21 October, 2019

Portions are personal: everyone’s different and the portion size that’s right for you depends on what you’re eating and how much you need to feel satisfied while staying within your Points® Budget.

But how do you learn what that amount is? Start with portions of the foods (with Points® ) that you eat most often. With time, you’ll train your brain to serve up the right amount automatically.

What to do

This week, try weighing/measuring the foods you eat frequently, using these steps:

1. Serve yourself. What’s your typical portion? Whatever it is, dish it out. For example, put your usual amount of pasta into your usual bowl.

2. Size it up. Measure or weigh that portion, using spoons or scales. Now you know how much you’re actually eating.

3. Track it. Use your WW app to find the Points® value. (Hint: The barcode scanner at the top right-hand corner of the My Day screen is great for finding packaged foods.) How does this affect your Budget?

4. Does this portion work well with your Budget? Remember that you can bulk up any meal or snack with your ZeroPoint™ foods. A little less pasta with lots of sautéed veggies can be low in Points® and totally delicious.