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WW blog: Jonny tells us how he stayed on track during his holiday with #holiday

Published 2 July, 2018

Introducing Jonny...

Hi, I’m Jonny aka _princeofpoints and I’ve just returned from a much needed week away in Dalyan, Turkey. I needed to relax and unwind after a busy few months.  With so much going on, it was sometimes a struggle to stay focused, but I used the holiday countdown as an incentive and managed to get to my lightest weight ever just a few weeks before going. Score!

I was absolutely blown away by how amazing our villa was! My friend Laura had outdone herself - I’m so lucky all she asked me to do was pay for my flights - spoiled I know!

I wasn’t going to worry about trying to track all of my food and drink. I wanted to relax, plus we already have instinctive healthier choices that WW has given us through the programme...

  • Grilled not fried
  • Tomato instead of creamy sauces
  • Diet mixers with spirits
  • Lighter breakfasts and lunches, making use of the ZeroPoint™ foods, so you can splurge on your evening meal with some vino if you so wish

This is how I would roll on holiday, plus Laura gave me total control of the kitchen (not that she needed much encouragement to be honest *eye roll*)

We decided that we would eat breakfast and lunch in the villa so that we could enjoy eating out as much as possible. Most mornings we had Coco Pops and banana and a typical lunch was scrambled egg and toast, or fresh bread with a selection of cold meats and cheeses, or a pasta dish. I planned to have a few alcohol-free days too, and on the days we were having wine, I only had some after dinner. As my Granny says, 'the road to hell was paved with good intentions – it did work MOST of the time!' Check out these great recipes for inspiration.

We didn’t cram in excursions or any regimented routines – instead we decided to slow down the pace and do what we wanted when we wanted. I stopped notifications on my phone, deleted all social media, and even turned off my email. I downloaded Calm, an app which has a free, 7 day meditation course which Laura and I listened too in the sun hut at the bottom of the garden. We truly were in the moment and tuned into ourselves. Mindfulness is very important for this level of conscious appreciation. I didn’t even buy myself a roaming bundle on my phone for the first time ever!

It actually took my brain three days to slow down and catch up with my body which means next year I MUST book a two week holiday instead!

One excursion we did book was a boat tour around Dalyan. We had an amazing barbecue lunch with mouth-watering watermelon and plums for afters. Accompanied with a refreshing beer!

Our afternoons were filled with pure relaxation time by the pool or we walked into the local village to go exploring (not to mention some activity). Check out how to keep fit on holiday without even trying! I made a fresh lunch every day - one of our faves was pesto and halloumi pasta. 

This holiday has been exactly what I’ve needed to slow down and recharge my batteries. I’ve achieved a good balance of eating sensibly, whilst being cheekily indulgent when I wanted too. I’m coming home relaxed, calm and ready to make some tweaks after having time to reflect.

I’m definitely committing to getting back in the kitchen to prepare fresh, healthy and nutritious food as well as getting my activity levels back up as this helps me be the best version of myself and allows me to showcase the lifestyle I want to lead to be a great role model to my members, family and friends. Check out how to indulge - the healthy way!

As soon as I returned from holiday I went to my local meeting as this is where I get my motivation and all the best ideas. I am back on track and feeling so good about myself. 

Have a fabulous summer and thanks for reading my #holiday blog