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WW Spotlight




What do you love about WW?


I love WW because we are ultimately about building people up. My goal is that everyone who leaves the studio after a chat or Workshop feels better about themselves than before they walked in. We have an opportunity to affect so many lives with that one interaction:

If a parent walks in and leaves feeling stronger and more empowered, the children will benefit from that. 

If a shift supervisor leaves WW feeling better about themselves than before they walked in, that will have a ripple effect on the whole shift they supervised. 

I love that we are given a chance to help members shift their thinking and perspective every time we work. I always think of Maya Angelou’s quote:

“People will not remember what you said to them. People will not remember what you did for them. People will remember how you make them feel.”

WW is about people’s emotions. There is no job I would rather be doing than helping people find the positive in themselves.


What would you tell a member who is struggling?


I would suggest a member who is struggling break it down to what part is the biggest struggle and spend the week working on that area. For example, if a member is struggling with nighttime eating I would ask what that behaviour gives them in terms of satisfaction. From there, ask them how they could best replicate that feeling without food. I would recommend focusing on that area for the week and not trying to obtain an elusive perfect week.


What’s one tip that you think everyone should know?


I think everyone should know about the incredible uses (1001 and more, it seems) for 0% plain yogurt! Whichever plan you are on, yogurt is a great option for snacking or meals. 

What is the most impactful way to connect with your members?

I think connecting with members through our own journeys can have a strong impact. Finding the common thread in the struggle creates a bond and builds a level of trust. 


Any advice for current members?


I would suggest that all members talk to themselves for a day as if they were another member. They will be surprised because of how warm, kind and encouraging they are to everyone else -- and now it is time to turn that inward and give yourself that same support.