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While every wellness journey is different, Peer Groups are designed to help you connect with other members whose similar interests or life experiences create a shared understanding. Guided by our WW coaches, these conversations explore our workshop themes as well as other topics that are of interest to the community to provide focused support and inspiration. Browse our 'Peer Groups' to see our wide range of options.

  • Better Together - We're better together! A group for members who already have a teammate on their side (friend, family, coworker). Or if you're looking for an accountability partner, this is the group for you!
  • Gen X - You may be sandwiched between the infamous Boomers and headline-making Millennial generations, but don’t worry, you're the stars here!
  • LGBTQIA+ - An inspiring and inclusive group for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to build connections and find support on their wellness journeys. Allies are always welcome!
  • Lifetime - A group for WW members that have achieved lifetime status. Stay connected with other lifetime members as you encourage one another to learn, share and continue finding success!
  • Living Alone - Doing WW for one doesn't mean you're alone! Welcome to a community to support and inspire members who are flying solo at home.
  • Men - Gentlemen, this one's for you! A workshop where the men of WW can support each other.
  • Millennials - It might seem like big life changes are coming your way every day, and we get it! Join a community that can help you gain the confidence and support you need to tackle life changes and find success on your WW journey.
  • Plant-based - Got veggies on your mind? Are you Vegetarian, vegan or just want to add more plant-based choices to your plan? All are welcome to share in this idea packed peer group.
  • Seniors - Welcome to a community for those enjoying or approaching their golden years. Come share your experiences and stories with other members as you work to reach your wellness goals.
  • The Long Game - No matter how far you've come or how far you have to go, we're here to offer support every step of the way. A group for members who have lost more than 50 lbs or have more than 50 lbs to lose
  • Women of Colour - Welcome to a community of sisters that support and inspire one another to reach their wellness goals!

Better Together

Join NowThursday20:00 ESTMeghan M.English

Gen X

Join NowTuesday21:00 ESTLisa E.English


Join NowTuesday20:00 ESTJason J.English


Join NowWednesday12:00 ESTKelly S.English
Join NowThursday19:00 ESTTracy R.English
Join NowSaturday12:00 ESTMichele D.English

Living Alone

Join NowMonday20:30 ESTYolanda P.English
Join NowWednesday20:00 ESTYolanda P.English


Join NowSunday19:00 ESTRichard N.English
Join NowWednesday19:00 ESTRichard N.English


Join NowTuesday19:00 ESTMeghan M.English


Join NowTuesday21:00 ESTDiane L.English


Join NowTuesday12:00 ESTNancy H.English
Join NowTuesday19:00 ESTNancy H.English
Join NowThursday12:00 ESTNancy H.English
Join NowThursday15:00 ESTNancy H.English

The Long Game

Join NowMonday21:00 ESTKelly S.English
Join NowWednesday20:30 ESTKelly S.English

Women of Colour

Join NowSaturday12:00 ESTCorenne J.English