40 Ways To Live Your Vision

Summer 2017 is the time to realize your dreams and goals — are you ready to do this? Let’s dive in!
Published May 19, 2017

Summer Vision

Have big plans for the season? Have things you want to work on? We can help. Here's a list of 40 ways to define your vision! 


A new tradition in your family or friend group
Don’t have a tradition? Start one! Maybe it’s Family Night Fridays, Workout Wednesdays, or attending the season opener of your town’s baseball team! It’s up to you.

A gift for someone
Homemade gifts aren’t just for grade-schoolers. It’s a great way to focus your energy, de-stress, and come out with something beautiful for someone you love.

A vision board
Vision Board

They’re a great way to spark your creativity and visualize your goals. Not sure where to start? We’ll show you how it’s done. 

A plan-friendly recipe
Have you recently discovered the wonder of carrot noodles or cauliflower pizza? Create it on the Tracker — it’s super-easy and it’ll come in handy for future tracking.

A summer memory book
How do you make a fun summer last? By documenting it, of course! Take notes and photos of your favourite memories or events so you won’t forget! (It’s also a great way to visualize the progress you’re making on plan.)


A photo
Having a great day? Snap whatever you’re doing or wherever you are and share it on Connect. (Selfies count!) A picture is worth a thousand good vibes — that’s the saying, right?

A meal
Share a meal

A link to an interesting story or something silly and fun
Read something compelling or amusing? Why not share it with someone who could use the info or the joke?


Your town
Your Town

The menu
When it comes to food, sometimes, we fall back on what we know we like. Next time you go out, try something completely different — you just might find your new favorite.

The farmers market
With each changing season comes new, fresh goodies at the farmers market! This summer, check out heirloom tomatoes, okra, stone fruits, and more.


Your body
Do the thing that you know is good for your body but you don’t do enough. Maybe it’s stretching, moisturizing, or flossing, just to name a few examples. Look, no one is perfect…. Surely there’s some way you can show your bod some love!

Your curiosity
Do you have any questions about the universe plaguing you? Look them up! Chances are you’ll be able to get some answers. Doesn’t sound like you? Start looking at other sections of the newspaper and news sites you usually skip over to see if you learn anything interesting. Do you feel your brain growing already?

Your literary side
Reading Coffee

Create a lineup full of books you’ve wanted to read, and begin to cross them off your list! Or ask your friends what their favourite books are and check them out from your local library. Then get together and discuss!

Your most-used spaces
Are you in the car all the time? Make it a cozy space with items you adore — either with scents, charms, or just the music you love. Your workspace could use some oomph too – bring in some life with a plant or one of your favourite photos.


With meditation
Meditating on pier

Have you tried meditating? Being mindful can help with everything from stress to self-love to your relationship with food. This one-minute relaxation technique can help!

With more sleep
Yes, this is a given, but find ways to squeeze in more sleep and you will not regret it. These tips will help take you to dreamland. 

With a night out
Seeing your pals can boost your energy and happiness to keep you going through the rest of a tough week.

With a massage
Always say yes to massages! (But in all seriousness, when something that feels this great is actually also great for your body, take advantage.)


Your food
Sick of the same old spring salad? It’s summer and the healthy options are refreshing and plentiful! Make some seasonal swaps that’ll make you and your Tracker smile. 

The Outdoors
Man stretching
You don’t have to be into camping or even “glamping” to appreciate the beauty of nature. Make it a point to get outside for at least 10 minutes a day and see how it brightens your perspective.


It wouldn’t be life without some adjustments. Open your heart to new opportunities — whether it’s an invite to a place you’ve never been, an interesting volunteering event, or simply getting used to the way your body works after you’ve lost some weight.

Childhood Crafts
Have you heard of painting by sticker? How about adult colouring? These practices are a great way to unwind without snacking. Plus, you come out with creative masterpieces.


What success looks like to you
It’s the beginning of summer and maybe it’s hard to envision how life might be different after a season on plan. But try — and get excited about the healthy possibilities in front of you.

The future
Where will you be a year from now? Now is the time to visualize what that looks like and how you can make a game plan to get there.

What might have been
What would your days look like if you hadn’t committed yourself to a healthier life? Think about all the good things that have come with this journey and give thanks to yourself!


Your time
When is your most quiet or favourite time of the day? Love getting up before everyone else in the morning? Make the most of it with a special ritual or mindful gratitude.

Your friends and family
Make time for the people in your life! Squeezing in social activities is good for the soul and there are ways to stay on plan while out at a restaurant or bar


Your wins
Yoga Hanging

Whether it’s a victory on or off the scale, it deserves some props. Give a nod to your hard work when you earn it!

Your peers
When a meeting-room pal, a co-worker, or a friend has a victory either in his/her career or personal life, take the time to be happy for each of them. It feels good for them — and you!

Your loved ones
Need to show your partner that you appreciate him/her? Do it! Picking up flowers or cooking a favourite meal is a great way to celebrate your love without a special occasion.


Your style
Is there a trend you’ve always wanted to experiment with but were too afraid to try? What’re you waiting for? Get that flash tattoo, dangly earring, or tank top. The fashion world is your oyster!

Your fitness

Hate jogging? No problem! Summer is the perfect time to explore different ways to move. Waterskiing, paddle boarding, yoga paddle boarding…. Yup, you read correctly.


Your space
House Interior

Is your space helping you or hurting you? Make your place somewhere you want to be, free of saboteurs and any reminders of sadness.

Your routine
Do you wake up ready to jump into your day or do you dread the hours ahead of you? Maybe you need to change things up in your routine — whether it’s going to bed earlier or waking up later or finding the sweet spot for fitness. Re-evaluate what could be changed and make it happen! 


To tracking!
Keeping tabs on what you’re eating is one of the most effective ways to help you eat mindfully and decide which foods are "worth it." Learning healthy eating behaviour will help you reach your weight-loss goals and set you up for lifetime success. 

To your meetings, accountability partners, and/or Coach
Your team has your back. Keep checking in with them — they want the best for you and are waiting to hear about your progress!

To your health
You’re here, so we know that you’re committed to a healthy life. Continue through the summer with that outlook, even through the plateaus and tough weeks. You've got this.  

To your vision — whatever it may be
Roller Skating

Whether you want to read more books, take more time to breathe, or master a new recipe, make the commitment to your vision this summer. You'll learn so much more about yourself than you envisioned!