Outsmart the Saboteurs

Overeager food sharers and negative people make it hard to work toward your goals. The next time someone tries to undermine your efforts, follow these tips from WW coaches and guides.
Published August 1, 2016
  1. Don’t get mad—get healthy

“When I reached my goal weight, a friend said, ‘Let’s see how long you keep it off.’ It was hard to understand: Why wouldn’t everyone in my life support me? I decided to use it as drive to keep the weight off!” —Ellen Lee, WW coach

  1. Take it in stride

“I handle negative people by being polite, respectful, and courteous. I never get emotional or defensive. I accept the situation for what it is—just another environment to manage successfully.” —Andrew B. Paer, WW coach

  1. Tell your truth

“A friend and I always used to eat out together, and she would push things I didn’t want or need. Now I’ve learned to speak my mind. I understand that our friendship shouldn’t depend on what I choose to eat or not eat. And that’s a very liberating feeling.” —Linda Hirschberg, WW coach

  1. Change the conversation

“When someone pressures me toward bad choices, I thank them and start a discussion that has nothing to do with whatever it is they're offering.” —Gabrielle Magnani, WW coach

  1. Prepare yourself

“The best defense against saboteurs is to have plans in place beforehand—one specific to the situation, and general strategies to use anytime.” —Daniella Bernd, WW coach