Learn how Leah says Weight Watchers helped her be strong mentally and physically.
Published August 22, 2017

Leah, a member since 2014 talks about her experience on the program.

What motivated you to join the program?

My biggest motivation was health. In my early twenties I was very unhealthy. I had multiple surgeries, I had heart surgery just before I joined so that was a huge motivator for me because I was so young and I was already having issues. I wanted to get healthy and build a lifestyle around it.

What is the meeting room experience like?

Oh, I love it. The meeting I went to was the Friday early morning one, so it was always a bit smaller and I found the members really got to know each other a lot better. When you walked in the door it was so welcoming, the leaders knew you, and they knew you past Weight Watchers too, they really got involved with your life. I think because it does become such a lifestyle, they want to support you all around, so meetings were huge for me, and I still go to this day.

What role has community played in your weight-loss journey?

[It’s] Huge. I think that no one can do this without support, and that’s something that WW is a leader with. The meetings and Connect…I think Connect was one of the most groundbreaking things for Weight Watchers because so many people [are] coming together to support each other, whether someone is struggling, or you are having a great week and you just want to celebrate, people are always there no matter what you need. There is always someone to turn to. That was huge for me.

How do you use Connect?

 [I use it] all the time. I like to look on there for motivation.  If I am having an off day and I see someone who is being successful it makes me want to get back on plan. It’s such a vast variety of different people on there so I find some days I go and search out different age groups and depending how I’m feeling in the day, you can usually find someone who can give you exactly what you need for the day, some motivation, advice or whatever you need it’s usually on there.

What advice would you share with someone who is considering joining Weight Watchers?

Do the meetings. I think online is amazing, but I think there is something …there is a little bit more of a sense of support and community when you go into the meeting room, and you get to know these people on a face-to-face basis. I think just going to the meetings it adds a little bit more to the experience.

What’s an indulgence that you permit yourself?

Wine for sure, is probably my biggest. I was always surprised. I make overnight oats every single day for breakfast, and it’s like dessert for me. It’s about 7 points but I can never believe that this works into my lifestyle and it’s such an easy and point-friendly meal, and yet it tastes like dessert.

If you feel off track, what’s a reliable go-to food that sets you back on track?

Probably my oats and just simple meals. I think going back to veggies and you don’t need to add all the sauces and just going back to the basics, I find for me [it] resets everything. And smaller portions as well. I’m kind of a snacker, so I don’t like doing three solid meals; I need to have snacks during the day.

How do you stay active and how did you find the right activity?

Activity for me is huge. I learned a really hard lesson about 20 pounds from my goal weight that exercise doesn’t mean having to go to the gym four times a week. And going to the gym four times a week will not necessarily get you to your goal. So learning to shake things up with what activities I do, that was huge. I walk all the time. I have my FitBit that keeps me so motivated, and one thing that really was a game-changer for me was weight lifting. I started doing it I just found it so addictive and seeing the results and feeling strong.