How WW helped me live my best life

WW Member Adele shares how WW helped her to make positive life changes.
Published November 7, 2018

My name is Adele, I am 28 and live in the Nation's capital- Ottawa! I have been following WW for almost one year and have lost 70 lbs. I am about 25 lbs from goal, and with WW, I KNOW I will hit it! As I share more about myself, I would like to start with telling you about my “why?” for joining WW. 

I once described myself as a vibrant overachieving perfectionist. In my very early 20s, my weight gain intensified, and those qualities started to disappeared. I was overweight, unhappy, lethargic, and to be honest, I was at times I wasn't too nice. I externalized my discontent with a grumpy attitude, and an, “I can’t” approach to life. On top of this, health issues started to creep up, and I knew things were getting bad.

December 2016, we celebrated a birthday and the picture on the left was taken. When I saw it, I was mortified; I did not recognize myself and I felt gutted. This picture was my absolute final straw. I didn’t want to be or look like that person anymore. The next day I signed up for a gym membership. That same night I was rushed to the ER with appendicitis. During recovery from surgery, misery kept me company. I realized I put so much into everything else that I never put anything into myself (other than copious amounts of food). Laying there, I felt sorry for myself. I was fed up being unhappy with how I looked, felt, and acted. I decided once I got the go-ahead from the doc to resume activity, THIS WOULD BE IT! I would change my life. With the help of a great support network, and a program like WW, I did exactly that. 

I give a heartfelt thank you to WW for being a fab program that worked, and continues to work for me! My health issues are improving, I am happier, nicer, and fully engaged in life. 

One of the most effective changes I made to help me lose 70 lbs was to meal plan and meal prep. Mid-week, I start planning what my next weeks’ meals would look like. This helps me with: groceries, ensuring I am within my daily points budget, and it gives me more free time during the week.


I don’t get bored with it and I try to add small variations to each meal. I admit that meal prep was trial and error at first - some things held well for a few days and tasted great reheated, while others did not. It is a learning curve, but the payoff is worth the initial time you need.


With the guidance of SmartPoints, and with meal prepping, I have learned:

1. Food is my fuel: I plan meals that have nutrients for my body and that will sustain me so I’m not feeling starved.

2. I can enjoy healthy food: veggies, fruits, and meats can be prepared in so many ways for variety and flavour!

3. Meals don’t have to be complicated to be good: you don’t need to be a chef to meal prep.

4. Having a meal plan, even a partial one, is an integral component to better choices!



I never ever, ever worked out when I was younger. I had no interest and didn’t think it was for me. Secretly, it’s because I was afraid to try, struggle, and fail. 

Signing up for the gym, and getting there allowed me to find a new interest in improving my personal fitness. 

Although I am not a pro, nor would I label myself as athletic, I now like to go workout (most of the time)! Seeing what my body can learn to do has been incredible. 

I incorporate weight lifting, cardio and a variety of fitness classes into my routine. I YouTube videos on weight lifting, I ask people at the gym for help, I ask friends for fitness advice, and I simply just TRY. I have struggled at the gym, I have succeeded at the gym. For me, working out has become a pastime, a release of frustration, and a test to see how far I can go. 

I try to get 3-5 workouts in a week (schedule permitting). When I can’t go to the gym, I try to go for a walk either at lunchtime, or after dinner. I also try to park far from the building, take the stairs instead of the elevator, dance while I am cooking, or go to the further water fountain to fill up my bottle! 

My favourite workout? The one that involves family and friends. Over the last few months, my support group has joined the gym and we try to get some workouts done together. It’s great for accountability; we encourage each other, and we laugh… a lot! 


Being happy, healthy and realizing that I am FINALLY living my best life is what fulfills me. 

Being able to travel, being comfortable with friends and family, not shying away from a camera, spending time with my husband, and being confident in my own skin is what this life is all about! I am fulfilled every day! 

This year specifically, my husband and I travelled a lot! The program taught me how to understand food and my relationship with it. I was able to enjoy culinary dishes around the world while using WW to guide me to stay on track! We walked thousands upon thousands of steps, and I never asked to sit down. I wasn't out of breath, and I realized I was keeping up! I freely walked along the beach in a bathing suit, not caring about what I looked like in the eyes of others, because to me, I felt great! 

I find fulfilment in the feeling of liberation; being liberated from being overweight. WW really has been the gatekeeper to a free, fulfilled life! I will never be able to really put into words how great it feels to be on carefree vacations; on not missing out on life experiences because of my weight, or from restrictive diets. 

I am Happy
I am Strong
I am Capable
I am Me 

WW has helped me shed the person I wasn’t, and helped me find the person I was meant to be! The program lets me live life, while providing effective tools that allow me to feel and look great! I love that I am living my best life now!