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"Deciding to start on this journey and join Weight Watchers has been the best decision I have made. I am so much happier, healthier, and confident because of it!"

I'm Morgan and I'm so excited to share a bit of my journey! I'm a 20-something new professional working in Toronto and I've lost 29.3lbs with Weight Watchers, and a total of 47 lbs on my journey of becoming a healthier me!

After losing some weight on my own at the end of my university career, and after starting my new job in downtown Toronto (hello to ALL the food temptations possible!), I noticed the weight that I had worked so hard to lose was slowly creeping its way back into my life. In August of 2016, my mom (who is one of my best friends) and I had a conversation about our weight and lifestyle and decided that we were finally going to join Weight Watchers to really work on having a healthier and happier life overall -  we have never looked back!

What I really love about the Beyond the Scale program is that it isn't all about weight loss, but rather about becoming a healthier, happier, more active, overall better version of yourself. It's also allowed me to be able to indulge in the foods that I really like, but in a more balanced way - and I really love that ... I couldn't live without my chocolate! Because of this program, I feel like I can truly say that it has helped me become a better, more confident Morgan!

Three out of five days a week, I commute into Toronto for work. On days like those, I tend to keep my food pretty simple for ease of being able to travel with it. Breakfast usually includes some SKYR Icelandic yogurt (which is absolutely delicious, and low in points if you haven’t tried it!), but on the two days a week that I get to work from home, I like to make something a bit more elaborate and treat myself. For me, this usually looks like an omelette! This guy keeps me full all morning!

I use one egg (2 Smartpoints values), 1/2 cup of egg whites (1  Smartpoint value), spinach (0 Smartpoints values!), 1/4 cup of light feta (2 Smartpoints values) - to make a 5 SPV omelette! What I love about omelettes is that it is so easy to make, and so easy to make different versions! It's definitely my go-to breakfast for days I work from home, and is usually paired with some fresh fruit.

Personally, fitness has been the hardest part of this journey. I used to be at fitness classes all the time - Zumba, boxing, aquafit - and absolutely loved it! But since moving home, I have had a hard time finding classes or programs that have really jived with what I want. However, I realized that you really don't need anything fancy to lead a more active lifestyle!

One of the best things in my life that has kept me active is my 14-year-old dog. It sounds silly, I know - but she stays inside throughout the day while we are at work, and once we get home, she doesn't give up until I take her for a walk! Our walks have gotten shorter as she's become a bit older, but they are a part of our day, every day!

Besides that, I have been trying to look at what my community itself offers. As a challenge for myself, my best friend and I have decided to do the CN Tower Climb this Spring for the WWF - that's 1,776 steps! It isn't too far away and setting that goal for myself keeps me motivated. I've also signed up for the Colour Me Rad 5K in May with some other Weight Watchers friends which I am so looking forward to!

Outside of those things, yoga is something I always come back to, especially on days when I want to work out but don't want to leave the house (which is often during this cold winter)! I don't practice a lot, but when I do, I feel so rejuvenated. A few years back, I was gifted this awesome yoga book, and it has really helped to keep me active and is always giving me new sequence ideas.

The most fulfilling part of this journey for me has been the relationships of mine that have improved and the friendships that have blossomed since joining Weight Watchers. Having my mom with me on the journey has been the best! She'll find recipes on connect, or I'll find recipes on Instagram, and into the kitchen we go! We also make sure our sweet tooth is always satisfied without going overboard ;)

While my mom has always been one of my closest friends, the journey has really brought us so much closer. She has been so successful since we joined in August, and has lost 50 lbs! I am so so proud of her! I am also SO thankful for the wonderful family that I seem to have found on Instagram. That platform is full of such wonderful people, and so much inspiration. I have met some incredible people from all over the world who I truly call friends and check in with daily. Knowing that there is so much support and love in this community has really kept me motivated and focused, and it's such a wonderful feeling to be a part of such an incredible community of caring individuals.

I love our Weight Watchers family!