Wellness Wins - Canada Day | WW Canada

For a limited time, introducing

An exclusive Canadian WellnessWins event!

The Canada Day event is here!

This Canada Day, we’re launching exclusive WellnessWins prizes.
Cash in for special WW Canada merchandise, or spend your Wins
to support Canadian small businesses. These prizes are limited,
so redeem while you can!

Redeem for Canada Day prizes in the WellnessWins
section of your app! While supplies last.

Catalyst and Co

A $50 digital gift card to use online or at both Catalyst & Co locations. Catalyst and Co specializes in 925 sterling silver jewelry and semi-precious gemstone rings, offering a wide variety of dainty meaningful pieces. Along with jewelry, Catalyst and Co offers a stunning
selection of crystals; each stone carrying its own special
magic guiding you on your journey.

Redeem 5,500 Wins for a $50 gift card! While supplies last.

Só Luxury

Só Luxury is the "baby" of two besties, Amanda & Shylah. Local to Mission, BC, the two friends came together in the Spring of 2017 to incorporate Só Luxury Bath & Body Inc. Their original line consisted of 3 Sóaks and has expanded to over 35 products with even more to come!

Redeem 5,500 Wins for a $50 gift card! While supplies last.

Nickel City Beard Blends

Here at Nickel City Beard Blends, we strive in ensuring that your grooming needs are well taken care of, because beards have feelings too, you know! No beard? No problem! We've got something for everyone. We are proud to offer premium All-Natural Canadian products that are perfect for both Men & Women and the entire family.
We're more than just another grooming brand - we're a lifestyle brand! Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase helps support
our local Neo Kids foundation.

Redeem 2,000 Wins for a free beard oil or essential oil zen roller!
While supplies last.

Mind Your Bees Wraps

Our brand pioneered beeswax cotton food wraps and offer fun, seasonal, organic, prints for every occasion which echo the message that 'green' doesn't mean 'boring' while also laying the foundation for beeswax food wraps to be as commonplace in a modern kitchen as a tea towel.
Our products are a simple, beautiful, and sustainable food storage solution which allows you to decrease household food and single
use plastic waste. Our newly added Swedish Sponge cloths are
the perfect replacement for paper towels.

Redeem 3,000 Wins for a $25 gift card! While supplies last.

PKG Carry Goods

Choose from versatile backpacks, cross bodies, totes, or thoughtful travel accessories that look good and protect your personal items. Working from home or connecting to the office? Discover our range
of stylish, professional messengers and sleeves to keep you
organized and at the ready.

Redeem 3,000 Wins for a $25 gift card! While supplies last.