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Virtual Workshops + Digital

Connect with a WW Coach and other members in a 30-minute Zoom session or at any of our Canadian locations as they reopen. Either way, you'll get the latest science-backed techniques for weight loss and healthy habits.
Plus, join a FREE Kickstart orientation to find the right Workshop for you!


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The anatomy of a Workshop

Start with a private wellness check-in

If you're attending a Virtual Workshop, weigh in at home, reflect on your week and log your progress in the WW app. Want a little added accountability? Log in a few minutes early to privately share your update and chat with a trained WW Team Member. If you're visiting a Studio, Check In and Check Out—weigh in and shop for your favourite WW products.

Learn new science-based strategies for weight loss from a WW Coach

We’ll help you make simple changes that build powerful habits each week, with topics like: The Truth About Carbs, Portion Control, and Learning Self-Compassion.

Get tips & tricks from members who understand the journey

Discuss how to best incorporate new concepts into your life with your Coach and fellow members.  We’re here for you -- you’re here for each other.

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A NEW way to get support

Introducing Kickstart

This orientation is a free exclusive benefit for Workshop members. 
Joining WW is one of the best things you can do for your health. We want to make sure you’re on the right path, right from day one, with this free 30-minute-long orientation.

Members love Virtual Workshops with a 97% satisfaction rate:†

Very inspirational to help me stay on track during this time.

Was very easy to join & great to meet other members!

Feeling refocused for the next week & aiming for a loss, too.


†Pulled from survey responses from 35,000+ members.

“At WW, we put your success first. Our Workshops are designed to alleviate the challenges that impact weight, like lack of sleep or activity, stress, and self-esteem.”


Dr. Gary Foster
Chief Science Officer
PhD in Clinical Psychology

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