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Monthly Pass

What is Meetings + Online (formerly known as Monthly Pass) and how does it work?

Meetings + Online (or Monthly Pass) is a great way to commit to your weight-loss success. When you sign up for Monthly Pass you pay for your Meeting fees one month at a time. With one low monthly fee you get unlimited Meetings each month and access to all our digital tools. You get a new Monthly Pass card in the mail every month until you cancel, which you show as your proof of payment at your Meetings.

How do I sign up and pay for Monthly Pass?

You can pay for the first month at your Meeting or on our website. If you pay for the first month at your Meeting, you'll need to enter the Access Code from your Starter Voucher to complete your sign-up on our website.

How do I sign up on the website with my Starter Voucher?

To sign up for Meetings + Online (formerly known as Monthly Pass) on the website:

Go to the Starter Voucher sign-up page
Enter the access code exactly as it is printed on your Starter Voucher (Do not enter dashes).
Fill out the health screener and any other information required to continue with sign up
Review your payment information, confirm your shipping address and agree to the subscription agreement before proceeding.
Click "Complete Sign Up"
Print your Monthly Pass Temporary card, which will allow you access to Meetings until your Monthly Pass card arrives in the mail.

After you have successfully signed up for Monthly Pass, instructions on what to do next will be available for you on the next page.

I purchased Meetings + Online in the Meeting room and can't find my Starter Voucher. What should I do?

Please fax or mail proof of purchase to us with an explanation of what happened.

1-800-427-6814 or email:

Attention: Monthly Pass
WeightWatchers Canada ULC. 
146 Lakeshore Road  
P.O. Box 129
Oakville, ON L6K 1E4

You can send one or more of the following items as proof of purchase:

  • A copy of your purchase receipt
  • A copy of your credit card statement showing the charge
  • A copy of your membership book showing you have purchased Monthly Pass

Customer Service will contact you by email or phone with a new Access Code so that you can complete your sign-up for Monthly Pass on our website. In the meantime, you will need to pay the regular weekly fee in order to attend your Meetings.

When I enter the Access Code on my Starter Voucher it says it's invalid. What is wrong?

Access Codes may only be used once. After the first use, accessing our digital tools requires the user name and password you selected during sign up.

If you are certain that your Access Code has not been used before, please verify that you are:

Entering the code in the correct boxes and you are entering all the digits exactly as they are written on the voucher. Do not include any additional characters like spaces or hyphens.

Using a Meetings + Online (Monthly Pass) access code and that you are on the correct sign up page. The Access Code will not work if you are using it for the WeightWatchers Meetings + Online sign up process.

If this does not help, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-651-6000 and provide the Access Code exactly as it is written on your Monthly Pass Starter Voucher so that we may assist you.

Meetings Attendance

How much time should I plan on spending at a Meeting?

Your meeting, led by a WeightWatchers leader, will last approximately 30-45 minutes. At your first meeting, there will be an orientation for new members which will give you a chance to get to know us a little better. It's totally low-key and a great way to introduce you to the program. 

Do I have to talk in the Meeting?

You can participate as much or as little as you want. There's no pressure. 

How many meetings can I attend each week?

Your stamped My Success Story book serves as proof of current membership. Once you've weighed in and paid the fee, you can attend as many meetings for the remainder of that week (Sunday through Saturday) as you wish - free of charge! However, you may only weigh in once a week.

Do I have to attend meetings every week?

We recommend that you do. Losing weight is about much more than the food you eat. Your lifestyle habits and the way you think and feel about your weight are critical components to long-term weight management. We deal with all of these things in the meetings room. Leaders encourage meetings members to use the support of others during hard times, when they feel their commitment to weight loss is lagging. Without this support, it's easy to fall into old traps and find yourself right back where you started. Bottom line: Attending your meeting keeps you focused on getting what you want most. 

Can I change the meeting I usually attend?

Absolutely! It's important that you attend a meeting that fit your needs. To find different location near you, use our Meeting Finder

Can I bring children to WeightWatchers meetings?

Sure! Children are welcome provided they do not distract the other members.

Can I attend WeightWatchers meetings if I'm only signed up for Online?

If you subscribe only to Online, you may not attend meetings.

What are the requirements to enroll in meetings?

To enroll, you must:

  • Weigh at least 5 pounds more than the minimum weight for your height and weight, according to the WeightWatchers Healthy Weight Ranges
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not have an active medical diagnosis of bulimia nervosa
  • Pay an enrollment fee, which includes a registration fee and a weekly meetings fee
  • Sign a Health Release on the registration card

How do I start a WeightWatchers meeting in my area?

To find out whether WeightWatchers meetings can be started in your area, contact 1-800-651-6000.

Can kids join WeightWatchers?

As of Dec. 6th, 2015 WeightWatchers accepts young individuals from 13 to 17 years of age for membership as long as they have written medical permission from their physician  (or designated health professional such as Nurse Practitioner) indicating a BMI of 95% or higher. The physician must assign the BMI % and weight goal. It will not be assigned by WeightWatchers' staff.

Upon registering, parents or guardians must:

  • Provide a physician’s note giving permission to follow the plan, and must include current BMI and weight goal. To be eligible for membership the BMI must be at the 95th percentile or above. If the physician’s note lacks this information at registration, it must be provided within one month of joining. Eligibility for membership is accepted based on the provision of a physician’s note.
  • Sign the Health Release on the registration form.
  • Follow the Food Plan recommendations as outlined below. In addition, rate of weight loss must be closely monitored to ensure it is not too rapid.
  • Weight ranges for adolescents must be reassigned in writing by the physician at least every 9 months, or more frequently if a growth spurt is experienced. This applies to adolescents who are Lifetime Members also.
  • The same fee structure applies to adolescents as for all other Members; however, they are not eligible to purchase a Monthly Pass.

Lifetime Membership

What is a Lifetime Member?

Once you achieve the status as one of WeightWatchers Lifetime Members, you are considered a permanent part of the WeightWatchers family! You'll receive a Lifetime Membership Recognition Award, along with the additional benefits of a complimentary digital tools subscription and unlimited meetings (subject to certain regulations. For details, please speak with your leader). You're awarded Lifetime Membership once you reach the following criteria: 

1. You select and achieve a weight goal that is within the WeightWatchers Healthy Weight Ranges (or above WeightWatchers weight ranges if a note from a physician has been provided) and at least 5 lbs less than your initial start weight.

2. After you reach your goal weight, you must complete the maintenance phase of the program — remain an active, paid member throughout the next 6 weeks, weigh-in at least twice and be within 2 lbs (+/-) of your goal weight at the final maintenance weigh-in.

How do I receive my complimentary Meetings + Online subscription?

As a Lifetime Member, you'll receive a voucher for a complimentary eTools subscription at your monthly weigh-in, granted you are within 2 lbs of your goal weight.

Lifetime Members who are not within 2 lbs of their weight goal or who have not weighed in at a WeightWatchers meeting in the previous calendar month are not eligible to continue receiving complimentary eTools Lifetime Member vouchers. For details on how to receive your eTools Lifetime Member voucher, please speak with your Leader.

If I gain weight back, do I lose my Lifetime Member status?

Once a Lifetime Member, always a Lifetime Member! If you want to go back to meetings as a Lifetime Member, just bring your Lifetime Membership book or Membership number to the Meeting you want to attend.

As a Lifetime Member, when will I have to pay meetings fees?

As a Lifetime Member, you don’t have to pay for any missed Meetings unless:

You haven’t weighed in at a meeting in the previous calendar month or are 2 lbs above your goal weight.
If you are at goal but missed a month, you will only have to pay for the missed monthly weigh-in.
If you are not at goal, you can choose to become a Monthly Pass member until you’re back at your goal weight.