Health Hints

A collection of tips and tricks to help you make healthy little changes in your everyday life.
Published December 15, 2016

Treat Yourself

Eat what you love. Depriving yourself can make staying on track difficult. Be sure to treat yourself to some of you favourite foods – you deserve it!

Enjoy the outdoors

Get outside! There is so much to do and see in the great outdoors. Take time to enjoy nature and move a little more.

Keep meals balanced

Well-balanced meals with vibrant colours and flavours will keep you satisfied longer and help to keep cravings at bay. 

​Enjoy some company

There’s strength in numbers. Sharing successes and challenges with a friend can help keep you motivated and stay on track!

​Make yourself a priority

Do something for yourself to celebrate the new year! Start 2017 off right by putting yourself first and striving to be happier and healthier this year. We know you can do it!

​Make the most of Winter

Don't let winter box you in! Make the most out of the season by trying a new sport, learning a new hobby, or getting out on snow for a pre-dinner walk (in your parka, of course).

​Refresh and refuel

Time to take a breather. When you're working towards your goal, it's important to take a break, sit back and refuel with healthy food. Your body (and your brain) will thank you!